Core Values & Goals

Lancaster Bible College is:

  • Committed to premier biblical higher education as evidenced by the encouragement of a Christ-centered learning community.
  • Committed to institutional excellence as evidenced by providing and maintaining God-honoring resources.
  • Committed to institutional distinctiveness as evidenced by preserving the integrity of our mission and legacy while planning for the future of the college.
  • Committed to a biblical foundation as evidenced by the teaching of sound doctrine and the proper interpretation of Scripture in accordance with our statement of faith.
  • Committed to a spiritual foundation as evidenced by providing an environment which encourages spiritual life and growth.
  • Committed to developing students for a ministry and service mindset as evidenced by preparing them both academically and experientially to serve Christ in the Church and society.
  • Committed to exemplifying a ministry and service mindset as evidenced by exerting a positive Christian influence both locally and globally.