Apply Now Checklist

❑ Step 1: Online Application

Complete the Online Application Form

❑ Step 2: Write a 500-1,000 Word Essay

Directions: Choose 1 of the following prompts. Write a well-organized essay of 500-1,000 words that answers the chosen prompt. Make sure you use concrete, specific examples in your essay. You do not need to use outside sources. Do use the organizational strategies and vocabulary that you would typically use in an academic essay.

  • Families in today’s busy culture often don’t spend enough quality time together; eventually, serious problems arise in these families. How can families stay healthy and strong?
  • People often have too many responsibilities and not enough time to handle the responsibilities; this creates stress.  What are some ways people can deal with stress?
  • Many college students struggle to succeed academically because they don’t like to read. However, students who enjoy reading usually have an easier time in their studies. How can a love of reading be instilled into students?

    : This essay will be used as a placement exam for your language arts requirement and will be given a percentage grade. Please refer to the rubric (pdf) to review the specifics on what will be graded.

    You can email your essay to:

❑ Step 3: Official Transcripts

You have two options in having your official transcripts sent to LBC:

  • Option 1: Request your official transcripts on your own

    In order for a transcript to be considered official, it must come directly from the school’s office in an unopened envelope.

Please have transcripts sent to:
Lancaster Bible College
Attn: Accelerated Undergraduate Degrees
901 Eden Rd
Lancaster, PA 17601

  • Option 2: Have LBC request your official transcripts

    To have LBC request your official transcripts for you, please click on this link!

❑ Step 4: Complete the Reference Form

Please forward this link to someone from your church or ministry, who is unrelated to you, such as your pastor, elder, Sunday school teacher, small group leader, or ministry supervisor to provide a reference.

❑ Step 5: Complete the Computer Proficiency Form

You can quickly fill out this form by clicking here! Most Lancaster Bible College courses involve an online component, utilizing our Learning Management System, eCampus. A level of technological competency and access to a computer is required to function effectively for all courses.

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