• Basic Certificate (10 CEUs)
    An introductory level program offering a variety of course choices; 40% of courses must be in Bible or doctrine.
  • Biblical Studies Certificate (15 CEUs)
    Spiritual enrichment program designed to deepen one's understanding of God's Word; 80% of courses are in Bible or doctrine.
  • Church Ministries (15 CEUs) - A program to provide basic ministry tools to equip the local church leader or pastor. The curriculum is based on the Evangelical Training Association (www.etaworld.org) training series. The curriculum touches many operational and planning ministry aspects.
  • Lay Counselor Certificate (15 CEUs)
    A program for laypersons to provide basic counseling tools from a biblical perspective.
  • Christian Worldview Certificate (15 CEUs)
    This certificate is in partnership with the Degree Completion Program at the iLEAD Center. A student can audit an on campus degree completion course for $240 and receive four CEUs for each completed course.  The student can complete all 30 CEUs through Degree Completion leading to an Advanced Certificate.
  • Advanced Certificate (30 CEUs)
    This certificate indicates the student is a graduate of the Biblical Enrichment Institute; 40% of the courses are in Bible or doctrine.

2013 Course Schedule

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The preaching course will be held on Tuesday–Friday, July 10–13, 2012 from
8 AM–5 PM