Concentrated Bible Course Certificate

Does this describe you?

  • You want to earn LBC's Concentrated Bible Course Certificate but can’t attend classes in the daytime.
  • You want to further your Bible knowledge on a college level but do not necessarily need a degree.
  • You want to serve on the mission field and need Bible training.

The Concentrated Bible Course Certificate is a recognized academic achievement, and the 30 credits earned in this program are transferable college credits. No prior college credit is required for admission into this option.

Biblical Studies Certificate and Advanced Certificate

Offered in conjunction with Biblical Enrichment from the iLEAD Center, the Biblical Studies Certificate (16 CEUs) can be earned by auditing degree completion courses. The tuition to audit each course is $240, plus a $35 fee that is due every term. Auditing students are expected to attend class time, but the completion of assignments/homework to be submitted to the professor is not required. Those who earn 14 more CEUs through our Biblical Enrichment option, or by auditing additional courses can earn our Advanced Certificate (30 CEUs).

This certificate indicates the student is a graduate of Biblical Enrichment. Forty percent of the courses are in Bible or doctrine. The CEUs earned in this option and CEUs earned in Biblical Enrichment can transfer to our bachelor’s degree in degree completion. The Biblical Studies Certificate will transfer as five (5) credits in Bible/theology. The Advanced Certificate will transfer as 10 credits (five in Bible/theology and five as pure/general electives).