Concentration Requirements

The Master of Arts in Ministry program with a concentration in Church Planting is comprised of 48 credits. Students with 30 hours or more of undergraduate Bible and theology course will be given advanced standing credit making their program 36 credits in length.

Advanced Standing

Advanced standing is granted to those students who have completed 30 hours or more of undergraduate Bible and theology courses. Students with less than 30 hours may receive partial advanced standing credit proportionate to undergraduate Bible and theology studies completed. Advanced Standing allows students to complete this degree program in one year.

Field-based Experience

Throughout the duration of this program, the student will be immersed in the life and ministry of a local church.  To maximize the effectiveness of one’s studies, the church should be anticipating and preparing for multiplication or in the early stages of being planted.  An academic mentor/coach and a church planting coach/pastoral mentor will be assigned to every student.

Curriculum Summary

Biblical and Theological Core (12) or Advanced Standing (0)

Students must complete the following biblical and theological foundational courses or must enter the program with advanced standing (see above).  The biblical and theological foundation requirements can be completed online.

  • BTC 513 Biblical Hermeneutics (3)
  • BTC 523 Old Testament Survey (3)
  • BTC 533 New Testament Survey (3)
  • BTC 543 Survey of Systematic Theology (3)

Degree Core (18)

  • ORI 500 Online Orientation Seminar (0)
  • MIN 504 Communicating Biblical Truth (3)
  • MIN 505 Theological Foundations for Ministry (3)
  • MIN 507 Leadership Development and Team Ministry (3)
  • MIN 508 Organizational Change and Conflict (3)
  • MIN 509 Personal Spiritual Formation and Discipleship (3)
  • MIN 510 The Leader’s Life and Work (3)

Concentration (12)

  • CPL 501 Theology, History and Models of Church Planting Movements (3)
  • CPL 502 Exegeting Culture for Church Planting (3)
  • CPL 504 Church Planting I (3)
  • CPL 505 Church Planting II (3)

Field-Based Experience (6) 

  • CPL 503 Church Planting Internship I (3)
  • CPL 506 Church Planting Internship II (3)