Cohort Model Delivery

Getting a graduate education doesn’t require putting your life on hold. LBC understands that you have other commitments to God, family and work. That’s why the Master of Arts in Ministry program is designed for adult learners who are employed full-time. This program accommodates prior commitments while you continue your education. 

Internet-Enhanced Blended Learning 

All courses require only two or three days of classroom time. Known as "blended learning," this model offers the best of both worlds because it combines elements of face-to-face and online learning enabling students to benefit from a convenient delivery systems while maintaining the highest standards of academic quality. Students participate in online discussions in classroom and online sessions led by nationally renowned and published faculty members.

Designed for “Life-Engaged” Learners

“Life-engaged” learners are students who are actively engaged in family, church, and professional life while participating in the Master of Arts in Ministry program. While the program is intensive in nature, the time required on campus will not necessitate relocation or require students to leave their current leadership context.

A Cohort Community of Learners 

The Master of Arts in Ministry is a cohort-based program. Students will enter the program with a group of no more than 18 students. This cohort follows a prescribed sequence of courses together. Because cohort learning involves a group of students who start and finish their degree together, students experience a number of educational advantages. Genuine, rich, and deep relationships will be developed through the course of the program as students support and serve each other in the quest for knowledge.