Master of Education
Consulting Resource Teacher


The Consulting Resource Teacher program is designed to equip teachers to serve students and educators in an inclusion setting where this diverse population of students requires general and special educators to collaborate. It offers a variety of strategies for consultation, collaboration and instruction as well as a broad knowledge and understanding of the learning process. This program emphasizes the practical application of learning theory, legislation, and leadership from a biblical worldview of education

Program Design

Students completing the degree program will earn a Master of Education, as a Consulting Resource Teacher. The degree program is also designed to offer the student an option of achieving advanced certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Education as a Reading Specialist by completing the professional core courses and the specified programmatic electives. In order to earn the MEd, each student must complete the professional core (21 credits) and a set of professional electives (18 credits) for a total of 39 credits in the program. Courses are offered in a cycle, enabling students to take 6 credits each semester and 9 credits during the summer. The length of time for program completion will depend on the rate at which the student completes these courses.

A student may earn just the Reading Specialist certification by completing the 30 credits indicated with the * and passing the Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA) for that specialization. These credits may also be used to advance to the Instructional II certificate. Students who wish to take courses solely for personal enrichment or Act 48 credits are classified as nonmatriculating students.

The classes are offered as one week modules during the summer. The courses during the school year are offered on weekends. The classes are taught on five selected Friday evening/ Saturday morning and afternoon combinations during the semester. Selected courses in the CRT program are offered online. Some are a blended combination of on campus meetings and the rest of the instruction is completed online.


The Consulting Resource Teacher program prepares the graduate to:

  • Serve as a specialist and resource person within a school setting, providing assistance and direction for the school's staff.
  • Classify the laws, regulations, and policies dictating the procedures needed to assist students in inclusion settings
  • Assess the academic abilities of students in order to determine the learning potential and appropriate teaching techniques for each student's success
  • Design individualized learning programs for the remediation and adaptation for special needs students in the inclusion classroom
  • Create interdisciplinary instruction for integrated learning in the inclusion classroom
  • Differentiate specific learning theories and the evidences of their successes or failures with individual learner types
  • Track the developmental characteristics of children regardless of the special needs evident
  • Diagnose the reading levels of individual students and determine the strategies required for effective reading instruction for those students
  • Synthesize the results of the assessment, instruction, and observation in making recommendations for a student's success in the classroom

Admission Requirements

  • A growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Bachelor's degree in education or its equivalent
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.85 or better as documented on a transcript
  • A valid teaching certificate at a minimum level of Instructional I or its equivalent
  • Three reference forms from individuals who have seen the candidate teach or perform in an educational setting
  • Completed application and fee
  • Interview with faculty