Classroom Experience

When selecting graduate studies, you should know the full scope of the educational and spiritual experience you will find. These are just a few reasons to choose Lancaster Bible College.

Our Faculty

  • The LBC faculty has a healthy balance of resident, full-time professors complemented by some of the finest adjunct and visiting professors from around the country. They are scholars, skilled practitioners, and student-centered educators committed to your education.

Class Size

  • The average class size is ten students – small enough to get to know each of your professors and fellow students on a personal level. Your personal and professional network will grow with each class.

A Biblical Worldview

  • Our graduate programs will instruct and challenge you to form and live a biblical worldview, to understand and interpret the events in our world, in your profession and personal life from God's perspective.

FAST TRACK Delivery Option for the Master of Arts in Ministry

  • There is one program in our curriculum that offers a FAST TRACK delivery option: the Master of Arts in Ministry.
  • You can complete the FAST TRACK schedule for this concentration in as little as nine months.
  • The MAM Leadership Concentration requires 48 total credit hours; however, the Graduate Education office awards advanced standing to Bible College graduates for 12 hours in Bible and theology. That leaves only 12 program courses (36 credit hours), which are required to complete the FAST TRACK sequence.