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Adult & Graduate Studies

Lancaster Bible College has created its first, full-service adult and graduate studies learning facility called the iLEAD Center. Our mission is to serve "life-engaged" adult learners by offering the programs that enrich, equip, and empower servant ministry leaders for global impact. Through convenient and flexible schedules, traditional and non-traditional programs, on campus, online and with blended learning options, the center offers learning opportunities that fit the complexities of your life.

Choose one of these pathways to get started.

Graduate Education

Our premier master's degree programs and graduate certificate options give you both the biblical foundation and the professional skill development needed for your journey.

Capital Bible Seminary

We are dedicated to preparing our students for effective Christian service and leadership so that they can serve locally or in the mission field.

Degree Completion

We understand the needs of adult learners and the many demands on your limited time and energy. Degree Completion can lead to a bachelor's degree in as few as 10 courses.

Biblical Enrichment

Returning to college doesn't have to lead to a degree. Through the iLEAD Center at LBC, we offer non-college-credit courses designed to help you gain personal, spiritual or vocational enrichment.

Traditional Undergraduate Degree

The conventional path to an undergrad degree, with classes conducted during the day on campus, is also available to adult learners.

Information Sessions

The preaching course will be held on Tuesday–Friday, July 10–13, 2012 from
8 AM–5 PM

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