At Lancaster Bible College, we are very appreciative of the financial support we receive from alumni, family and friends of the college, and the community. The contributions we receive for scholarships and capital campaigns allow us to continue to provide a premier academic experience for deserving undergraduates and adult learners. But our need for contributions is ongoing. We hope you'll explore the giving opportunities described here.


For each of the last five years, LBC has averaged $595,000 per year in gifts to the Endowment Fund. Most of these gifts represent named scholarships. To name a scholarship, contact Tim Heitz at

New Capital Campaign

Contribute to our campaign for the new Student Learning Commons - a facility that will become the social and technological hub of the campus.

Scholarshare Fund

Donate to LBC's scholarship fund. This unique program provides financial aid to any student - undergrad or adult learner - who needs assistance.

Why Help LBC?

Every dollar that comes in goes to help our students fulfill their calling.