Scholarshare Fund

In 1987, LBC decided to establish three fund-raising categories: scholarships (which is called the "Scholarshare Fund"), buildings (capital campaigns), and endowment funds. Each year, LBC creates a Scholarshare Fund goal, which establishes the amount of scholarship aid available for the next academic year. For 2012-13, that goal is $1,650,000. When added to our income from endowment, LBC has granted nearly $2.3 million in scholarship aid for this academic year.

All of this support is provided through friends and supporters of LBC who believe in the mission and vision of the college and who want to make a quality biblical education available to our students. Funds are raised through various activities held during the academic year, including direct mail campaigns and events sponsored by the Advancement Team.

Facts about Scholarshare

  • Recipients: students at the time of graduation, who started and ended their college education here (first-time and full-time) and completed a four- year program.
  • Scholarshare giving has increased 49.5% over the last seven years. Scholarshare giving in the most recent fiscal year totaled $1,750,003.
  • Nearly three out of four students receive scholarship aid at LBC.
  • Scholarshare Fund giving and endowed scholarships combined provided approximately $2.3 million in scholarship assistance in 2011-12.

Our 2012-13 goal is $1,650,000

Help us reach our goal and make biblical education available to even more students.

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