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It is currently a little after 1am here in Macedonia and we are all just about packed up and ready to head to the airport! Phillip and Lynn Jackson are picking us up at 2am and our flight takes off at 4:30am. We have about a two hour layover in Vienna and then on our way back to the states we go! We will be landing in the JFK airport around 3:10pm. Please be praying for safe travels! We will see you all soon!

Alicia Smith


Today Tim and I were aired on "Good Morning Macedonia" a famous TV program in Macedonia. We were able to tell about our project! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--aYM1WyyyU&feature=youtu.be



Good Morning from Skopje, Macedonia!

We are half way through the week and the building project is going as scheduled. Yesterday, we were able to finish sanding all of the boards and almost all of the boards were painted. We had a lot of extra hands helping us get the painting done faster. These extra hands were students from Dimo Haji Dimov, the school we are building the outdoor classroom at. After they helped us paint they gave us a tour of one of their classrooms. All of the students are extremely excited to see the finished outdoor classroom. Last night for dinner we were able to have a break from Macedonian food and have taco salad at the Jackson's home. Lastly, we were able to go to a cafe again and interact with some of the students from the English classes. Many of them can speak English really well which helps with being able to communicate to them. We have been able to have great conversations. This morning the sun is shining and all of us are looking forward to another great day in Macedonia. Pray we will be able to finish the building project on time and that we will continue to have intentional conversations with the Macedonians. Below is a picture of the building project so far, some of the children who helped out, and us getting a tour of the classroom.

Thank you for all for your support,

Stephanie Blest


Hey Everyone,

Well we just had a great Sunday, and spent some time with our new Macedonian friends as well as seeing the beautiful countryside and mountains of Macedonia! We enjoyed the fellowship together, and invited many out to the English classes that Cairn University will be teaching. We had 35  come out this evening to the first English class! We enjoyed getting to know them better over coffee and tea afterwards! During the day the LBC team worked hard at sanding lots and painting the wood planks for the outdoor classroom. It's looking more and more like a classroom each day! So glad that we can be a part of making this dream come true for the students and the Director of the school! Each day is filled with new purpose, and we are strengthened! Thanks for all the support back home, we will have many stories to tell!

Alicia Carver


We're at the end of our first real day here in Macedonia. It has been an eye-opening experience getting to work on the outdoor classroom for Dimo Hagi Dimov (the school). We've gotten to interact with people from all kinds of cultural backgrounds who bring their own unique personalities to the project. So far we've gotten the posts for the outer wall set up and partially tied together. I think my favorite part so far was seeing a length of tube filled with water used to make sure the tops of the posts were level. Its such a simple concept but so effective! The language barrier has added a welcome challenge to the project, resulting in new words and phrases learned as well as confused grins as we gesture to each other. The group from Cairn also arrived today and we spent the evening visiting with them (i.e. helping them get through the jet-lag). Already I can tell we'll have a great time working with them and getting to know them better! As I think back over the day, I'm amazed at how so many people from so many cultures have all come together to learn from the community here and offer our help in construction and teaching. I can't even imagine the incredible experiences I'll be able to describe a week from now as we all look back at our time here in Macedonia! Thank you for all of your support!

Jacob Buckwalter


The Macedonia Journey Team will leave today for Skopje, Macedonia. They will be working with Philip and Lynn Jackson building an outdoor classroom, doing prayer walks through the Albanian part of the city of Skopje, and teaching English classes. Please pray for traveling mercies and good opportunities for them to share with people from a different culture. Pray for the team members to be open to what God wants them to learn as well through this opportunity.

3.6.14 - 3.16.14

Leaders: Tim & Alicia Carver

Team Members: Stephanie Blest, Jacob Buckwalter, Raymond McFarland, Anne Poinsett, Ethan Prouse, Alicia Smith, Kate Webster, and Bradley Wilcox