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Upcoming Seminars and Workshops

Spring Preaching Workshop Dr. Randy Pelton

Preach the Text or Preach Christ? Yes.

On Tuesday, April 26, 2016 from 1-4 pm, Dr. Randal Pelton will be conducting our Spring preaching workshop in Lancaster aimed at showing how to preach both the text and Christ and why it’s important to preach both in every sermon. Yes, every sermon, from every text. Preachers often feel conflicted between those two options as if they are at odds with each other. This workshop centers around the exposition of the notoriously difficult Old Testament narrative found in Judges 11, often referred to as “Jephthah’s Tragic Vow.” We will spend the afternoon trying to understand what that narrative means, how to preach Christ in it, and what happens if we decide not to. The approach will transfer to other Old and New Testament narratives. Since 2003 Dr. Pelton has been the Senior Pastor of Calvary Bible Church in Mount Joy, PA. He is the author of Preaching With Accuracy (Kregel, 2014), blogs at, teaches Advanced Homiletics at LBC/Capital Seminary’s Lancaster, Greenbelt, MD, and Springfield, VA locations, and D.Min. preaching tracks at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Click the title to register.

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  1. Dr. Thomas Hudgins, Assistant Professor at Lancaster Bible College
  2. Dr. Randy Pelton, adjunct faculty at Lancaster Bible College
  3. Dr. Angie Ward, adjunct faculty at Lancaster Bible College
  4. Dr. Mark Eckel, adjunct faculty at Lancaster Bible College
    Shepherding: A Biblical Motif for Leadership