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Upcoming Seminars and Workshops

Fall Preaching Workshop Dr. Randy Pelton

Preacher or Lecturer? How to Keep the Sermon Aimed at the Worshipers

On Thursday, November 5th from 1- 4pm, join Dr. Randal Pelton for our fall preaching workshop aimed at making sure our sermons stay aimed at our worshipers. The topic is the result of observing the tendency among expositors to stay too long in lecture-mode. We spend several minutes explaining the exegetical details of a passage without ever addressing the listeners with that data. During those minutes, the Scripture is not about us, but about them, way back then. This workshop is designed to provide a strategy to help preachers stay in preacher-mode throughout the sermon. As always, these workshops are extremely interactive. For the past ten years Dr. Pelton has taught Advanced Homiletics at LBC’s Graduate School. Since 2003 he has been Senior Pastor at Calvary Bible Church in Mount Joy, PA. He is the author of Preaching With Accuracy (Kregel, 2014) and blogs at Enrollment is limited to 20 students so secure your spot early. Click the title to register.

Articles & Blogs


  1. Project Renovation is a community of Christian youth workers that gathers together for the purpose of soul care and healthy resourcing. Our passion is to invest in the lives of current and future student ministry leaders.   |


  1. Dr. Thomas Hudgins, Assistant Professor at Lancaster Bible College
  2. Dr. Randy Pelton, adjunct faculty at Lancaster Bible College
  3. Dr. Angie Ward, adjunct faculty at Lancaster Bible College
  4. Dr. Mark Eckel, adjunct faculty at Lancaster Bible College
    Shepherding: A Biblical Motif for Leadership