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What do I do if I need help with my research?

If you need help with research, please schedule an appointment with Mr. Gerald Lincoln, library director or Mr. Randall Dick, reference librarian. The entire library staff is always ready to assist you.

Do you have wireless access?

Wireless is available to students only. Initially you will need to have your laptop set up by the Help Desk.

My syllabus mentions "materials on reserve in the library." What does this mean?

Reserve materials are items your professor has placed on reserve in the library for your use. These items are usually required, supplemental reading materials or items set aside for your research assignments. Reserve materials should be requested at the Circulation Desk. Reserve materials have varying circulation periods depending on the professor's request. Some reserves can only be used in the library. You will be notified of the policies for your reserve item at check-out.

Can I borrow course textbooks from the library?

The library does not purchase course textbooks. You are encouraged to purchase your own textbooks.

What do I do if I need a book or an article that you don't have?

Whenever the LBC Library does not have a book or a periodical article that a student needs, we will attempt to obtain that item from another library. Books can be borrowed for a specific loan period, but photocopies of periodical articles are yours to keep. There is usually no charge for this service. Requests are submitted electronically, but the materials are sent by mail. Please allow up to two weeks for the materials to arrive. To learn how to submit interlibrary loan requests electronically, please see Mrs. Holly Lessey.

Can I renew my books?

Students and community patrons have the opportunity for three renewal periods. The renewal can be made via the Internet, over the phone, email, or in person.

Where do I check out my books?

At the Circulation Desk, located on the right when you first walk into the library.

Where do I put my books when I return them?

To return books that have been checked out to you, there is an outside and an internal drop-off box, or you may hand them to the front desk attendant.

Can I check out periodicals or reference books?

Periodicals (journals and magazines) as well as reference books are non-circulating and must be used in the library.

Do librarians work on weekends?

The reference librarian works on Saturdays during the spring and fall semesters according to the calendar schedule.

The book I want is checked out. Can you tell me who has it?

No, circulation records are confidential by federal law. You may place a recall or hold on the book.

How long may I borrow a book?

Undergraduate students, alumni, and community patrons receive a two-week check-out period. Graduate students may check a book out for 30 days. Faculty and staff have a 90-day check-out period.

What is Endnote?

Endnote is a computer program that works with Microsoft Word® and OpenOffice to manage your bibliography and format citations in your papers.

How do I check on the status of an item on order?

If you need to know the order status of an item you requested, contact Deb Hunt dhunt@lbc.edu. She will check on the status and give you an update.

Do you have a photocopier?

Yes, the photocopier is in the reference room on the other side of the clock.

What is the price for photocopying?

We charge $.10 per page.

Does the photocopier accept dollar bills?

Yes, it can accept one dollar bills, quarters, dimes, and nickels. It does not accept pennies or debit cards.

Where is the printer/Where do I get my printouts?

The printer is located in the restricted area behind the Circulation Desk. Library personnel will retrieve the printout and place it in a pick-up box on the counter.

Do I need to pay for my printouts?

No. However, we ask that you only print essential items and that you use the photocopier ($0.10 per page), not the printer, to make multiple copies.

Do you have a fax machine?

No. There is no public fax machine.

Can I print from my flash drive?

Students can print from their flash drives by logging into a student access computer. Community patrons may print a limited amount of non-word processing type documents from the public access computers.

When I try to access EBSCO from home, it keeps asking me for a username and password.

Choose the EBSCO link located beneath "Use for Off-Campus Access Only." The barcode number on the back of your ID card is your password for access.

Where is a silent area to study?

The seating in the reference area and in the small study rooms may be used for silent study.

Is there a telephone in the library that I can use?

No, but there is a phone by the elevator in Upper Miller Hall.

Can I use my cell phone in the library?

Cell phone use is not permitted within the library, but cell phones can be used in the lobby.

How do I get upstairs?

There is a set of double doors in the lobby which lead to the stairs. To use the elevator in the library, you will need to ask the front desk attendant to activate it with the digital key.

Can I eat/drink in the library?

Covered drinks and a limited amount of food are permitted in the library. We provide coffee and hot water for your use.