Emerge, LBC's Christian service program, is an integral part of the college's educational program and is required each semester for every student who takes nine or more credits at the college. A student receives a grade of pass (P) or fail (F) based on their performance as evaluated by the Dean of Student Development.

A student who receives two failing grades for Emerge any time during their academic program is subject to dismissal from the college. This student will be interviewed by the Dean of Student Development who will forward a recommendation to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the President of the College. Each student is required to report the results of their Emerge assignment on a form provided by the student development department each semester.

Here is the sequence of Christian service assignments:

  • In the freshman and sophomore years, the student serves in a local church or Christian organization in children or youth-oriented teaching ministries.
  • In the junior year, the student's Christian service assignment is an internship in an in-depth ministry related to the student's professional course of study.
  • In the senior year, the student's Christian service assignment is a practicum worth 3 college credits in the area of the student's professional major.