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Phone: 717.569.7071 ext. 5383
Fax: 717.560.8261

The Writing Center assists students with any written assignment through individual tutoring sessions and group workshops. Peer writing assistants are eager to partner with you at any stage of the writing process by listening to your ideas, helping with the organization of your paper, and giving guidance with the technical skills involved in writing.

Schedule writing appointments as needed, or sign up for semester-long weekly appointments. Access the Writing Center’s online schedule, via a link on the student portal’s home page which provides the hours of session availability.

Trained Staff

Our writing center is staffed with trained students, which means you will work with someone who is knowledgeable and understands the frustrations and challenges of writing. Writing assistants are eager to partner with you at any stage of the writing process by listening to your ideas, helping you organize your thoughts, and giving you guidance with the technical skills involved in writing.

Location and Hours

The Writing Center is located in the Ally Center on the fifth level of the Teague Learning Commons. It is open afternoons and evenings for your convenience. If you want to visit the Writing Center or if you have any questions before you schedule an appointment, feel free to stop in anytime or email us at writingcenter@lbc.edu.


  • Get an assignment started. Writing assistants can help with brainstorming. If you are not sure how to get started with an assignment, why not visit us? You might find that one session with one of our assistants will save you many hours of frustrated writer's block, wasted research time, and unfocused first draft writing.
  • Organize your papers. If you already have a rough draft started, writing assistants can give you feedback on the logical flow of your paper. After listening to you explain what you want the paper to say, the assistant can tell you where you are on track or where you might be able to rearrange some material to help your audience (including your professor) get the most out of your paper.
  • Grammar and MLA questions. Our writing assistants can teach you grammar rules, so you can become more effective at editing your own papers. They can also help you understand all the confusing ins and outs of MLA style and paper formatting.
  • We don't judge. Don't hesitate to set up an appointment because you fear what someone is going to say about your paper. We promise – we won't pick on every comma! The writing center has a friendly staff of students who are ready to listen and help in practical ways.
  • We're available for as long as you need us. Writing assistants are willing to meet several times if that is what's needed to finish a project. We encourage you to come early in the writing process so we can help with brainstorming and outlining a direction for your project.
  • Develop your writing skills. Our goal is to help you grow towards becoming a more skilled writer who faces each new project with a growing sense of confidence. Rather than providing simple "editing" services and making you dependent on us, we want to help you become a competent and confident writer on your own.