Social Work 


LBC’s Social Work major will teach students how to empower individuals faced with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges—with an emphasis on helping those who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty.

Students will learn the skills of helping address physical and emotional needs, but they will also be challenged to address the deep spiritual void that affects so many disadvantaged people.


When you have completed this program of study, you will earn a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Social Work and Biblical Studies. You will be encouraged to grow in your faith, challenged to appreciate the diversity of cultures and expected to share the love of God through works of service and social advocacy. Entry level social work jobs include: foster care case management; residential treatment for people suffering from addictions, mental illness, or developmental disabilities; protective services for victims of abuse; support and care of the elderly; prison ministry; advocacy for the mentally ill; church and parachurch outreach.

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