Business Administration


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


To educate Christian students with the necessary business knowledge and skills that they may proclaim Jesus Christ and serve Him in the Church and society.


  • Prioritization - Students will demonstrate a working knowledge of prioritization related to spiritual aspects of life, relational interactions and their service to the church and the world.  Specific skills developed will be time management, goal setting, resource allocation, vision, organization, drive and critical thinking.
  • Communication - Students will analyze and express information and ideas in a variety of appropriate means with clarity and coherence in written and spoken forms.
  • Knowledge - Students will master the key sub-disciplines within the business realm.  Specific skills developed will be subject matter expertise, applying knowledge to everyday life, decision-making, problem solving and confidence in decisions. 
  • Servanthood - Students will analyze their role in the world and work, modeling Jesus Christ’s example as our model of leadership.  Specific skills developed will be driven-ness, working with excellence, flexibility, self-motivation, and ethical actions.
  • Interpersonal Skills - Students will experience and apply love and trust in relationships, both personal and business.  Specific skills developed will be delegation, collaboration, motivation, candor, and high emotional intelligence.
  • Stewardship - Students will apply the concept of maximizing God’s gifts in our lives.  Areas of emphasis will be identifying and developing gifts and talents and balancing resources.
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  • Our students will receive more hours of Bible education than they would in any other Business program in the country.
  • Students will take part in workshops built in conjunction with Leadership Systems Inc. designed to identify and develop student's gifts and leadership skills.
  • Required internships will provide our students with real-world experience working in a professional business environment.
  • Our students will have the opportunity to be a part of our mentorship program. Seniors will be able to apply for an honors mentorship program where they will be matched with a local senior businessperson.
  • All of our instructors have business experience and will conduct classes like business meetings with an emphasis on application.
  • Students graduating from our program will be on equal footing for entry level positions in their field.
  • Students will have the opportunity to work on a service project with an international business perspective.


This major is also available as a minor for traditional undergraduate students.





Non-college age students looking for business administration, learn about our NEW ONLINE track of this major offered through our Accelerated Undergraduate Degrees (AUD).