Health & Physical Education


Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and Bachelor of Science in Education


The Health & Physical Education (HPE) major prepares men and women to perform in teaching positions and other ministries related to health and physical education. As early as the freshman year, students in this major are working with children—doing various internships in health, physical education, and sports. The culminating student teaching experience in the final semester allows the student to teach in both public and private schools (K–12) with experienced master teachers.


This four and a half-year major offers two degrees: Bachelor of Science in Education and Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies. The HPE major will prepare you to be an effective and relevant health and physical education teacher in either a public or private school. It also leads to the Pennsylvania Instructional Certificate (K–12) and ASCI Standard Teaching Certificate in health and physical education (K–12). In addition, you will receive training to become a competent coach or athletic director. Click here to see data supporting the effectiveness of this program.