Social Work 

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Bachelor of Social Work


The Lancaster Bible College Social Work Program exists to equip students to serve society and the Church through generalist social work practice, and lay the foundation for graduate studies in the field of Social Work within the context of a biblical worldview.


The following Goals and Program Objectives have been developed for the Social Work Program:

1. Prepare students for generalist practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities
  • Engage in contexts within the broader society. 
  • Summarize generalist practice approach to understanding human behavior in light of a biblical worldview. 
  • Demonstrate the planned change process with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. 

2. Develop student understanding of policy and practice, with an emphasis on advocacy which advances human rights.
  • Develop a missional mindset with a specific interest in human and economic justice. 
  • Evaluate policy and practice as it relates to human rights and economic justice. 

3. Prepare students for culturally relevant and competent practice with diverse populations, valuing human relationships in every context
  • Demonstrate relevant cultural language, behaviors, and attitudes toward diverse populations and contexts. 
  • Value the human experience in all contexts engaging in relationships in life, service and work. 

4. Recognize the value of self-awareness opportunities in the classroom, in the community and other interpersonal relationships, instilling a desire to value human relationships in every context
  • Interpret human behavior along the continuum of the helping relationship. 
  • Prepare for work with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities through the continual process of assessing oneself. 

5. Prepare students to engage in lifelong learning and professional development through research informed practice and practice informed research.
  • Interpret social work through the lens of practice informed research. 
  • Evaluate information and its sources critically and incorporate selected information into his/her knowledge base and value system. 

6. Interpret social work knowledge, values and skills through a biblical worldview
  • Formulate a biblical worldview demonstrated in life and ministry. 
  • Synthesize the strengths based perspective with a biblical approach to understanding people and the world.

In addition, the following 11 core competencies are woven throughout the content of the Social Work Program:
  • Identify as a professional social worker and conduct oneself accordingly.
  • Apply social work ethical principles to guide professional practice.
  • Apply critical thinking to inform and communicate professional judgments.
  • Engage diversity and difference in practice.
  • Advance human rights and social and economic justice.
  • Engage in research-informed practice and practice –informed research.
  • Apply knowledge of human behavior and the social environment.
  • Engage in policy practice to advance social and economic well-being and to deliver effective social work services.
  • Respond to contexts that shape practice
  • Engage, assess, intervene, and evaluate with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.
  • Identify the behaviors of a social worker that emerge from a biblical worldview

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This program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education’s (CSWE) Commission on Accreditation.