Worship & Performing Arts

LBC’s Worship & Performing Arts Department provides a professional education for qualified students in the use of their art form as a ministry tool. Using a combination of biblical training and real-world experience, along with the student’s spiritual giftedness with developed artistic and technical competencies, LBC produces effective servant leaders, prepared for professional and volunteer worship and performing arts ministry opportunities throughout the world.

As a Worship & Performing Arts student, you will meet these objectives:

  • Articulate a biblical wordview of worship arts as a ministry tool
  • Describe the integration of worship into all areas of life
  • Demonstrate artistic and technical competence in your art form
  • Articulate a biblical philosophy of ministry as applied to your career choice

Each of the department’s five majors, multiple emphases and a music performance minor, are guided by professor-mentors who draw alongside the students in their respective life journeys, calling them to excel spiritually, emotionally and professionally for the purpose of becoming effective salt and light in the worship and performing arts’ world.  

Choose From 5 Specialized Majors:



Performing Arts

"At LBC, my talented professors are helping me develop my skills as a singer. At the same time, I'm learning why God has given me these gifts, and how I can use them to help others."
- Betty '12 | Music Performance