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Where can I find LBC's academic calendar?

Do professors sign a statement of faith to teach at the college?

Yes. Faculty and staff are asked to affirm the college's Statement of Faith.

How do I know my child is taking the classes needed for graduation?

Each student is assigned an academic advisor with whom they are required to meet before registering for classes each semester. While the advisor is a resource, it is the student's responsibility to make sure they are getting the classes they need. If you have further questions, please contact the Registrar's Office at 717.569.7071.

How do AP and outside credits transfer?

Go to Undergraduate Admissions for a detailed explanation of AP credit and outside course transfer requirements. All credit transfers are approved by the Registrar's Office.

Who is in charge of making my child's class schedule?

Each undergraduate student is given a curriculum sheet to guide their course selection throughout their four years. An academic hold is placed on a student's class registration and is lifted once the student's class selection is approved by the advisor each semester. Ultimately, it is the student's responsibility to ensure they are meeting graduation requirements.

Where can I find a listing of all the courses offered at LBC?

The college catalog lists all courses and a brief description of each.

What kind of job can my child get with a Bible college degree?

LBC equips Christian men and women with the biblical foundation for ministry whether it is in a church, a business, a school, or any other area. Many students choose to work at a faith-based institution, but the general education requirements ensure that students are prepared for any type of job. A student's academic advisor can provide more information about specific job opportunities relevant to the student's major.

When can my child register for classes?

New students can pre-register for fall classes during the summer. Current students, in good standing, are registered at the end of each semester for the following semester's classes.

How does LBC ensure the safety of my child?

We understand that having your student living in a dorm or an apartment is not the same as having them in their own bed at home. LBC takes active protective measures to ensure the safety of all our students. For example, curfew is set for 1 AM each night. Dorms are secured by a fob system which locks automatically at curfew, so no one can enter the building until 6 AM.

We also have our Public Safety force on call 24/7. They can be reached at 717.560.8247.

Are there special accommodations made for students with learning disabilities or physical handicaps?

Classrooms, common areas, and some dormitories are handicapped-accessible, and accommodations are made for students with disabilities. Please contact the Disability Services Office at 717.569.7071 ext. 5383 with any specific questions or concerns.

Can my child change his or her major?

Yes. They must submit a change of program form to the Registrar's Office, signed by both their old and new academic advisors. They should talk to their academic advisor about how the change may or may not affect projected time to graduation, as well as any additional course requirements.

Who should my child talk to if they have a concern about their academic standing?

Contact the Registrar's Office at 717.569.7071.

Do I have access to my child's grades?

Under FERPA laws, LBC cannot release a student's grades to any outside party without written consent from the student. If you would like to access your child's grades, please talk to them and have them sign a release form through the Registrar's Office.

When are midterm and final grades available?

Midterm grades are only given to first-year students. Final grades are typically available two weeks after the semester has ended.

What is the average class size?

20 to 25 students

Who handles enrollment verification or proof of registration?

Please contact the Solution Center at 717.560.8248. They also handle transcript requests needed for verification.

Questions not covered here may be found in the Undergraduate Admissions FAQs.