Helping your student choose the right college takes time and careful study. At Lancaster Bible College, our goal is to provide the academic and spiritual preparation your student needs for their career as a servant leader for Christ. We empower them to use their unique gifts and talents to fulfill their calling – God’s plan for them.

The foundation for our academic program is the Bible. A biblical worldview frames the entire LBC experience. Throughout our programs and ministries, the Word of God teaches us how to live, how to engage each other, and how to serve his name. Informally, all around campus, students and faculty meet regularly to further apply this biblical worldview and its impact on their individual careers and lives and the lives of others.

Simply stated, we train your student’s head, heart, and hands for a career serving God and the world.

Ultimately, you want to have confidence that your student is fulfilling their calling at the right institution. You also want to trust that they’re safe and spending time in the company of Christian believers. Take a closer look.


Learn about LBC’s career-oriented undergrad curriculum.

Student Life

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