2014-2015 Chapel Schedule

Click on any speaker/topic listed below in red to listen to a recording (.mp3) of that message. Chapel speakers scheduled for Spring 2015 are subject to change.



August 26Convocation 
August 27Dr. Peter TeagueLBC
August 28Mr. John Zeswitz



September 2Mr. Josh BeersLBC
September 3Dr. Phillip Dearborn
September 4
SGA Elections
September 9Dr. Martenson
Lancaster 40 Days for Life
September 10Church Day Student Success
September 11Thank You Chapel - Advancement
September 16
Pastor Jeff Bogue
Grace Church - Ohio
September 17Pastor Jeff BogueGrace Church - Ohio
September 18Pastor Jeff BogueGrace Church - Ohio
September 23Mr. Jeff Batzer '92
Transport for Christ
September 24Mr. Tom Brown '04
Central Manor Church
September 25Peterson Legacy
September 26
Parents Day - Dr. Teague
September 30SMF Chapel



October 1
Mr. Dan White
October 2Mr. Dan Allen
October 7Mr. Josh Beers 
October 8Day of Prayer - Dr. Bobby Manning 
October 9Mr. Steve Grusendorf 
October 10
Preview Day - Dr. Teague
October 14
Mr. Dan Spanjer 
October 15
Mr. Tom Lovig
The Pocket Testament League
October 21
Dr. James Ayers
October 22
Mr. Claudio de Oliveira 
October 23
Mr. Dave Coryell
October 28
October 29
Dr. Doug Finkbeiner 
October 30
Dr. Sam Harbin 



November 5
Pastor Jared Wilson
Pastor, Author, Speaker
November 6
Pastor Jared WilsonPastor, Author, Speaker
November 7
Chapel with Mako Fujimura
November 11
Rev. Preston Kay
November 12
Mr. Hahn  
November 13Dr. George Nichols
November 18Mr. Kevin Stout
November 19Pastor Bob Reid
November 20Dr. Clint Scott
First Baptist Church
November 25
Thanksgiving Worship



December 2
Frey Center Groundbreaking
December 3Dr. John Soden
December 4
Mr. Josh Beers





January 13
E-Campus Introduction 
January 14
Mr. Joshua Beers 
January 15
Dr. Philip Dearborn
January 20Mr. Joshua Beers
January 21Dr. George Nichols 
January 22Dr. Peter W. Teague 
January 27Pastor Beau EckertCalvary Church
January 28Pastor Ben ByxbeCalvary Church
January 29Pastor Mark CanadaCalvary Church
January 30Dr. Peter W. Teague 



February 3
Mr. TJ Conner, '12Pine Grove Camp, Tyler, TX
February 4Ms. Peggy ComptonNo More Ministry
February 5
Pastor Doug Plank
Crossway Church, Millersville, PA
February 10"Brother Philip"
from North Africa (name withheld)
February 11"Brother Philip" 
February 12"Brother Philip" 
February 18Mr. Justin McRobertsCompassion International
February 19Mr. Richard Wandera 
February 24Pastor Greg FunkGrace Baptist Church, Lancaster, PA
February 25Pastor Greg Funk 



March 3
Mr. Dan Spanjer 
March 4Trafficking Chapel 
March 5
Dr. David Wiedis 
March 17
--Spring Break--
March 18
--Spring Break-- 
March 19--Spring Break-- 
March 24
Dr. Steve Nichols
President, Reformation Bible College
Heydt Lecture Series
March 25Dr. Steve Nichols 
March 26
Dr. Steve Nichols 
March 31
Mr. Chris Wenden
CEF, Lancaster, PA



April 1
Chris Wenden
April 2
Mrs. Terry Carter
April 7
Mr. Phil Jackson
April 8
SGA/Class Officer Elections
April 9
Mr. & Mrs. Greg & Nicol Sponberg
Musical Artists
April 10Dr. Peter W. TeaguePreview Day
April 14
Dr. Michael Horton
Westminster Seminary California
Perry Preaching Series
April 15
Dr. Michael Horton 
April 16
Dr. Michael Horton 
April 21
Yearbook Presentation &
Employee Recognition
April 22SMF Commissioning 
April 23Jessica & Friends 
April 24Dr. Peter Teague
Soar Day
April 28Scholarship Awards
April 29Mr. Joshua Beers 
April 30Awards Chapel