Sojourn is a special service at LBC that connects students with a faculty (or staff) member one-on-one to build a relationship that helps the student connect during their first year at LBC.

The Sojourn Process

Students will connect once a month with an assigned faculty/staff member, who will invest in their lives, and care and pray for them. Our desire is to cultivate intentional relationships in which Christ’s love is being poured out into each student.

Life Mentoring Process – Our Goal

As a Christian Formation Team, we are looking to cultivate mentoring relationships through the Life Connect Process. Life Connect is only the first step of an intentional caring relationship. Life mentoring is the goal. It is a commitment made between a mentor (faculty/staff) and a mentee (student) to meet on a consistent basis and share a part of life together. The mentor will share wisdom, experience, information, insight, and confidence with the mentee in order to give guidance, empower, and encourage development.