Part-time Program Coordinator

This position will provide leadership, faculty supervision, academic innovation, student instruction and advisement, for the Church and Ministry Leadership degree programs at LBC’s Philadelphia, PA location.

Candidates will meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum of a Master’s degree in Leadership, Divinity, Urban Ministry, or a related field.
  • A minimum of 3 years of higher education teaching experience
  • An ability to teach a wide range of leadership and/or urban ministry classes
  • A minimum 5 years of leadership experience.
  • A positive reputation in ministry and church circles
  • A well-articulated Philosophy of Education
  • A demonstrated record of leadership and program administration

Candidates will need to possess the following skills:


  • A demonstrated ability and willingness to function fully and cooperatively within an institution of Biblical Christian higher education
  • Enthusiastic support for the college and departmental philosophy of education
  • A demonstrated ability and desire to mentor and assist students beyond the classroom contexts both personally and spiritually.
  • Ability to develop, review and maintain comprehensive academic programs relevant to the field of church and ministry Leadership within the local context.
  • The ability to function as a team member with the administration of the college
  • The ability and demonstrated desire to grow, develop, and mature as characterized by achievement in both personal and organization matters
  • The ability to implement fairly and firmly the policies and procedures of the college
  • Maintain absolute confidentiality in handling all matters within the college

Technical Abilities

  • Research ways in which different areas of the academic program can be enhanced
  • Communication skills necessary for tasks
  • Analytical skills for analyzing academic trends and developments
  • Awareness of the various laws and ethical standards for academia and their relationship to the college
  • Effective knowledge and application of word processing and presentation platforms
  • Experience with and practical knowledge of online course delivery platforms
  • Comfortability with Learning Management Systems and MS suite of productivity applications including Outlook

Personal Qualities – The ability to identify personal strengths, weaknesses, skills, and limitations and use this understanding profitably

  • The ability to creatively and maturely lead in the academic community of LBC
  • The ability to function as a team member among the faculty, bringing a collaborative spirit in representing the programs in Church and Ministry Leadership
  • The ability to develop and mature – characterized by a hunger for both personal and institutional growth and achievement
  • The ability to be easily approached by students and colleagues, but firm and fair in the exercise of all policies and procedures
  • A demonstrated Biblical pattern of leadership characterized by appropriate respect for and use of authority

Candidates will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • To teach at least once in each of the Fall and Spring terms
  • To recognize and remediate curricular issues such as evaluation, revisions, course overlap, and gaps
  • To suggest ideas to the Site Director regarding advertising for and recruitment into the Church and Ministry Leadership programs
  • To assist with recruitment activities in concert with the site’s recruitment resource(s).
  • To Interview applicants and make related admissions recommendations for the Church and Ministry Leadership programs
  • To be a member of the Philadelphia Academic Workgroup and if necessary to act as chair, if called upon
  • To actively attend meetings and participate in achieving the objectives of the Philadelphia Academic Workgroup
  • To maintain an accurate and current record of all Church and Ministry Leadership program syllabi
  • To assist in the development and revision of course syllabi for Church and Ministry Leadership programs
  • To collect, analyze, and generate reports that communicate the viability and outcomes of Church and Ministry Leadership degrees and related certificate programs.
  • To at least annually evaluate Philadelphia Church and Ministry Leadership program faculty for teaching effectiveness, class organization, and classroom management
  • To suggest developmental training for Church and Ministry Leadership program faculty
  • To be aware of and maintain a high level of Church and Ministry Leadership program instructional quality
  • To recommend course and/or program changes to the Department Chair.
  • To cooperate with the Department Chair, the Registrar, and the Site Director in assigning courses and coordinating the work among sections of the same course.
  • To develop and/or gather, for use by the Marketing Department, Church and Ministry Leadership program material for inclusion in the College Catalog. Such material is to be reviewed by the Department Chair and the Site Director before submission to the Marketing Department.
  • To assist the Department Chair and Site Director in securing and interviewing faculty for the department.
  • To assume responsibility for arranging, advising, counseling, and retaining students in Church and Ministry Leadership programs.
  • To call, chair, generate, and circulate minutes for a monthly Philadelphia Church and Ministry Leadership department meeting.
  • To prepare in consultation with the Site Director an annual Philadelphia Church and Ministry Leadership department budget request for submission to the Department Chair.

To make recommendations and submit requisitions to the Library Department for new library books in accordance with the department budget

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should submit the following: cover letter; resume; and spiritual testimony to Human Resources. Please put the position you are applying for in the subject line of the email.

Email Your Resume

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