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Full-Time Executive

Department: President’s Office

Location: Lancaster, PA


Objective: Lead the faculty and staff as the chief academic officer responsible for the quality and integrity of the education of students to fulfill the mission of Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School as a member of the President’s senior leadership team.

Candidates will meet the following requirements:

  • Education – Doctorate degree in educational administration or other relevant field of study.
  • Experience –10 years’ experience desired (5 years’ experience required) in academic administration including three years’ experience with full-time faculty teaching load or as a department chair. Teaching or Administrative experience in an Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) school is highly desirable.
  • Development – Demonstrated record of continuing education and professional development.
  • Community of Practice – Involvement in at least one professional association in one’s field of concentration.
  • Online Education – Experience with the administration or instruction of online education.
  • Urban Setting – Experience with adult education in an urban setting.
  • Range of Exposure – Experience with traditional undergraduate, adult undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and seminary education.

Candidates will need to possess the following skills:

Administrative skills

  • Planning – the ability to collaborate with other senior leaders to provide strategic planning, budget development, institutional assessment, and staffing requirements.
  • Academic leadership – the ability to objectively evaluate and aggressively develop the academic program.
  • Executive leadership – the ability to function as a senior leadership team member with the administration of LBC | Capital.
  • Administrative leadership – the ability to collaboratively design and operate within the policies, procedures, and systems of LBC | Capital.
  • Ministerial leadership – a demonstrated concern for personal evangelism, discipleship, spiritual formation, and the ability to guide LBC | Capital employees and students appropriately in Biblical principles.
  • Leader development – the ability to develop leadership skills among academic department chairs and staff directors.
  • Continuous improvement – the ability and demonstrated desire to grow, develop, and innovate as characterized by achievement in both personal and organizational matters.
  • Discretion – the ability to maintain absolute confidentiality in handling all matters within LBC | Capital.
  • Engagement – the ability to engage effectively with community leaders, Trustees, and members of the corporation board.

Technical skills

  • General management – the supervision/management skills to lead more than one hundred variously gifted people in a matrixed, multi-site academic setting.
  • Financial management – the ability to lead the preparation, coordination, and execution of academic department budgets as one of the largest components of LBC | Capital’s budget.
  • Critical thinking – the ability to discern truth and situational dynamics in a range of professional and personal settings to inform sound decision making.
  • Legal and regulatory expertise – an understanding of the laws affecting academia and their impact on LBC | Capital.
  • Communication skills – the ability to communicate clearly in verbal and written form in a variety of settings to a range of audiences.
  • Analysis – the ability to analyze academic, social, cultural, and regulatory trends.
  • Teaching – the ability to design and teach in one’s field of expertise born from direct classroom or online teaching experience.

Creative skills

  • Innovation – the capacity to develop new and relevant enhancements to deliver the academic program.
  • Strategic thinking – the ability to develop a strategic and comprehensive academic program in a biblically sound manner.
  • Future orientation – the ability to anticipate and prepare for strategic changes in the higher education environment.
  • Cultural understanding – the ability to understand existing and emerging dynamics to create both a positive organizational culture, a positive cross-cultural work and learning environment.
  • Problem solving – the ability to solve complex problems in a team environment.
  • Decision making – the ability to make difficult decisions and implement them with dignity.
  • Planning – the ability to guide the development of multiple department and program plans as well as participate in developing LBC | Capital’s strategic plan.

Candidates will be responsible for the following tasks:

Technical – Those specific activities required to complete clearly defined tasks.

  • Apply logic and critical thinking to daily administrative efforts.
  • Lead and inspire volunteers and full-time, part-time, and adjunct employees.
  • Communicate clearly and positively in verbal and written form.
  • Evaluate and redesign procedures, programs, plans, and budgets as required.
  • Provide employee effectiveness assessments annually for all direct reports.
  • Provide semi-annual staffing projections to the senior leadership team.

Administrative – Those activities central to achieving positive and measurable results through other people.

  • Senior leadership team responsibilities.
    • Oversee LBC | Capital’s academic departments, site managers, library staff, institutional effectiveness staff, digital learning staff, online education staff, adult education staff, and academic program.
    • Collaborate with other senior leadership team members to guide LBC | Capital’s internal management controls.
    • Collaborate to develop, execute, and manage the LBC | Capital budget.
    • Lead the hiring efforts for all faculty and staff under the Provost, in collaboration with the President and the Office of People and Culture.
    • Prepare quarterly reports from the Provost to the Board of Trustees.
    • Develop subordinate leaders professionally and spiritually.
    • Develop faculty within their field of expertise.
    • Manage LBC | Capital’s faculty educational grant program in collaboration with the President’s senior leadership team.
    • Lead the planning and execution of all Commencement activities except for associated Presidential events.
    • Collaborate with the appropriate offices to maintain the published catalogue and each year’s academic calendar and class schedule.
    • Perform other duties as needed for the good of the LBC | Capital ministry.
  • Academic responsibilities.
    • Guide LBC | Capital’s systematic institutional assessment initiatives.
    • Lead the department chairs, program directors, and seminary leaders in developing premiere, cost effective annual academic programs in accordance with LBC | Capital’s priorities and with each department.
    • Lead the development of appropriate curriculum and academic programs.
    • Oversee the online education initiative in accordance with Board guidance.
    • Guide the development of new programs of study.
    • Meet with the site directors in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. regularly, as appropriate to the site directors’ circumstances.
    • Oversee sites in Boca Raton, Oregon, Uganda, and elsewhere as locations become operational.
    • Lead the Academic Council.
    • Advise the President on academic matters.
  • Liaison responsibilities.
    • Responsible for effective relations with the Pennsylvania Independent College and University Research Center (PICURC).
    • Responsible for effective relations with the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).
    • Responsible for effective relations with the International Alliance for Christian Education (IACE).
    • Responsible for effective relations with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) and other accrediting bodies.
    • Responsible for the College’s preparation, hosting, and reporting efforts for accreditation agencies and academic compliance visits.

Personal Expectations – The ability to present oneself professionally and to create the environment for people to flourish.

  • Leadership – demonstrate a Biblical pattern of leadership characterized by an appropriate respect for and use of authority.
  • Dignity – treat all people with dignity and respect, regardless of their position or the circumstances of the moment.
  • Credibility – maintain the trust of the LBC | Capital constituency through decisions, actions, and communication.
  • Public speaking – speak publicly with truth and grace on behalf of LBC | Capital in spiritual or professional groups.
  • Personal financial stewardship – manage one’s personal finances in an appropriate manner consistent with Biblical stewardship principles.
  • Appearance – dress and groom oneself in a conservative and professional manner, appropriately befitting an LBC | Capital administrative leadership role.

A Curriculum Vitae, Resume, letter of interest and a 1-2 page spiritual testimony may be submitted to

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should submit the following: cover letter; resume; and spiritual testimony to Human Resources. Please put the position you are applying for in the subject line of the email.

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