Dr. Gary Troxell



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Dr. Troxell earned his doctorate in Educational Leadership from Widener University, Chester, PA. His area of research interest included both counseling interventions for adolescent psychopathologies within the public school settings, and the disaggregation of data in public schools to identify barriers to learning. He also holds a master’s degree in secondary administration from Widener University, a master’s degree in secondary professional school counseling from Kutztown University and a bachelor’s degree in music education from Messiah College.

Dr. Troxell retired from PA public schools, where he served as teacher, counselor, and principal and district level administrator. Included in that experience was 21 years as director bands and instrumental music in several school districts. In his last public school position, he served as the District Supervisor for Counseling Services for the Hempfield School District. Currently, he serves as a full time professor in the Counseling & Social Work and Worship and Performing Arts departments at Lancaster Bible College. He has taught courses in music performance, instrumental methods, ensemble performance, career education, elementary and secondary counseling systems, developmental issues, research and statistics for the social sciences, research and statistics for school counselors, group counseling techniques, introduction to school counseling, school leadership, ethics, and counselor practicum/internship. As a professional clarinetist, Dr. Troxell played with the Hershey Symphony, the Central Penn Symphony, and lead saxophone with the Hershey Big Band, which he founded. He performs in various ensembles at Lancaster Bible College, including the Symphonic Concert Band, and the Theater Orchestra. In addition, Dr. Troxell performs with the church orchestra at St. Stevens Reformed Presbyterian Church, New Holland, PA., where he and his wife attend. Dr. Troxell also performs regularly with the Franklin & Marshall Symphonic Wind Ensemble, and other musical venues at the college. Most recently, Dr. Troxell performs regularly with the Allegro Chamber Orchestra of Lancaster, under the direction of Dr. Brian Norcross. In the fall of 2014, Dr. Troxell was a featured performer at The Trust Performing Arts Center in Lancaster, PA.

Dr. Troxell has studied clarinet with Dr. William Higgins (Messiah College), Beverly Butts, principal clarinetist with the Maryland Symphony, and Richard Hawkins, Fenelon B. Rice Associate Professor of Clarinet at Oberlin Conservatory and professional clarinetist.

In addition, Dr. Troxell served as an educational consultant and trainer for the Education Trust, Washington, DC, actively involved in the training of professional school counselors in PA.

Currently, he serves on the board of the Pennsylvania Association of Pupil Service Administrators (PAPSA), and is an active speaker on the topic of data analysis and disaggregation in schools, and the supervision of pupil services in schools, particularly the evaluation of professional school counseling programs. Dr. Troxell was recently chosen to assist the Pennsylvania Department of Education in the design and developmental of evaluative criteria for Pennsylvania School Counselors, in Oct., 2012. He presented findings on this topic at the 2013 PAPSA Conference in Lancaster, PA, and updated school district administrators at the 2015 PAPSA Conference in Lancaster, PA. In April of 2016, Dr. Troxell presented a professional clinic on the use of data and data analysis techniques for professional school counselors at Lancaster Bible College.


“My teaching style and design is purposed towards assisting students to incorporate a biblical worldview in their thinking, with an integrationist perspective, in order to utilize the Book of God’s Word and the Book of God’s Works to seek Him further.” — Dr. Troxell