Meet Our Team

Ronald Belsterling, Ph.D.

Professor, Youth & Young Adult Ministry Program Director

Department: Church & Ministry Leadership

Office Location: Lancaster

Ron has extensive education and academic experience in the fields of youth, family, marriage, & ministry. After graduating from Grove City College as a double major in Psychology & Religion, he attended Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, accruing 36 credit hours in an M.A. program. After obtaining an M.S. in Counseling and Human Relations from Villanova University, he pursued doctoral studies at Syracuse University (Ph.D. ABD in Child & Family Studies) and Biola University (Ph.D. in Education). Procuring a grant in one case, Ron has led and collaborated on several research and writing projects primarily focusing on attachment, mentoring, youth work, and the religiosity of youth. He has published chapters, articles, and reviews in academic texts, journals, and trade resources. Ron recently published the text, A Defense of Youth Ministry: Attachment Relationship Ministry, which is being used in Higher Ed classrooms from the U.S to the U.K.” On a broad variety of topics, Ron has also presented papers at academic conferences and speaks regularly to youth workers, pastors, and youth. He has served on or consulted with the Board of Directors of multiple organizations, most recently overseeing research presentations, leadership nominations, and a graduate-student-scholarship sub-committee, as a board member for the Association of Youth Ministry Educators.


Ph.D., Biola University,Education
M.S., Villanova University, Counseling & Human Relations
B.A., Grove City College, Psychology/Religion


“Trusting Christ to guide and oversee the teaching-learning process, we hope to produce leaders who make disciples, bringing hope, peace, and joy to those to whom they minister.” — Dr. Belsterling