Ryan Shenk

Coordinator of Worship Arts & Live Production

Ryan’s passion and work have been to serve the church since his graduation from LBC in 1997. His goal in every situation is to help people challenge themselves and turn more of their potential into reality. This has taken shape in local church worship ministry leadership across the Northeast over the past 18 years.

Having joined the LBC faculty in 2014, Ryan coordinates the Worship Arts and Live Production programs, teaching in a variety of environments from classroom to stage. He is thrilled to develop leaders with sharp skills and soft hearts for helping to build the church and embodying the gospel through the arts in the wider community.

Ryan and his wife Amiee have been married for 17 years and have a lively household in Manheim with their son Corban and three dogs. They can be found around Lancaster enjoying burritos and disc golfing.

Additionally, Ryan remains active as a musician, playing saxophone and guitar in a roots-rock band as well as staying connected to and serving with local worship ministries.


“Nothing is truly learned until it is put into action.” — Mr. Shenk