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Think communication is just about talking? Think again. It encompasses so many areas, like journalism, public relations, advertising, marketing and ministry. In our increasingly media-first culture, we need Christians embedded in these fields and careers to share the love of the greatest communicator of all: Jesus Christ. 

If you can’t seem to follow enough news outlets on Twitter, listen to the radio and podcasts incessantly, love to analyze commercials, or appreciate good storytelling and the written word, this just might be the right major for you. Plus, there are so many careers in communications.

Built on a firm foundation of media ethics, theory and practice and Bible classes that teach a solid biblical worldview, students who complete this program will earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication with a minor in biblical studies.

Why Study Communication at LBC?

  • Ranked: Study at a college that the Wall Street Journal ranked 3rd in the nation for career preparation in 2018.
  • Fast & Flexible Schedule: The fast-paced schedule allows you to concentrate on one 6 week course at a time.
  • Life Experience Credit: Earn college credits from our evaluation of your life experiences.
  • Earn Your Degree Your Way: Study completely online, only in class or even do a combination of both!
  • Accredited: Earn your degree from an accredited Bible college in PA.
  • Integrate your Christian faith and calling with your business skills and acumen.

Accelerated Undergraduate

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Bachelor of Arts with a major in Communication

Accept Previously Earned Credits: Yes

Cost per credit: $435

Average course = 3 credits (average is $1,305 per course)

“For the word of God is living and active…” – Hebrews 4:12a

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Featured Alumnus: Carroll Briggs (’17)

Hear from Carroll Briggs about his experience earning his degree online through LBC’s accelerated undergraduate degrees program.

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Sample Course Outline

COM102 Intro to Communication

COM103 Message Design

COM201 Communication Ethics

COM202 Principals & Practices

COM212 Media, Conveyor of Cultural Ideas

COM311 Writing for News Media

COM320 Survey of Marketing

COM330 Survey of Web Design

COM340 Writing on Social Issues

COM350 Writing for Publication

COM450 COM Internship

COM470 Capstone Project


Communication (120 Credits)

Communication Core:36 Credits
Biblical Studies Core:18 Credits
Arts & Sciences Core:42 Credits
General Electives:24 Credits

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Course Requirements (15 credits)
  • COM 102 Introduction to Communication (3)
  • COM 103 Message Design (3)
  • COM 201 Media Ethics (3)
  • COM 202 Principles & Practices (3)
  • COM ___ COM Elective (3)

Careers and Jobs in Communication

  • Social Media Manager
  • Web Content Manager
  • Publication Copywriter
  • Post-Production News Media
  • Reporter
  • Public Relations Professional
  • Journalist
  • Communication Director
  • Marketing Professional
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Communications Professional

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