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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Sport  Management and Biblical Studies

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If you’re looking for an education in sport management that’s hands-on, practical and focused on giving you résumé-ready skills and experience, look no further. At Lancaster Bible College, our sports management degree allows students to be a part of the 400 billion dollar industry – before they even graduate. 

While there are many colleges that offer sports management programs, there’s none quite like ours. With a program that is intentionally designed to give students field experience before graduating, our students leave equipped and ready to lead in their industry.

Furthermore, our students get the chance to integrate their faith into their profession through our unique program that places a strong emphasis on Bible classes, professional classes and coaching classes. In fact, our students graduatewith a major in sport management and a minor in biblical studies. 

So if you’re looking for a Christian college that will give you and education in the Bible and beyond, consider applying to LBC to study sports management.

Why Study Sports Management at LBC?

  • Get Certified: Earn certifications from the American Sport Education Program in Coaching and a certificate in ConcussionWise.
  • So Many Options: Enjoy earning a degree that offers you flexible job options following graduation – sports management careers are varied and versatile.
  • Fast & Flexible Schedule: The fast-paced schedule allows you to concentrate on one 6 week course at a time.
  • Life Experience Credit: Earn college credits from our evaluation of your life experiences.
  • Earn Your Degree Your Way: Study completely online, only in class or even do a combination of both!
  • Accredited: Earn your degree from an accredited Bible college in PA.

Accelerated Undergraduate

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Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

Accept Previously Earned Credits: Yes

Cost per credit: $435

Average course = 3 credits (average is $1,305
per course)

“…let us run with endurance the race set out for us.” – Hebrews 12:1b

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Sample Course Outline

SOC412 Sociology of Sport

SPM105 Intro to Sport Management

SPM130 Sport Communication

SPM270 Sport Marketing

SPM320 Organizational Leadership in Sport

SPM325 Fundamentals of Coaching

SPM420 Sport Finance & Economics

SPM430 Sport & Recreation Mgt or SOC305 Sport Psychology

SPM450a Sport Management Practicum

SPM450b Sport Management Practicum

SPM470 Sport Law & Ethics

SPM475 Facility/Event Management

The sport management degree program at Lancaster Bible College has received specialized accreditation through the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation ( COSMA) located in Fort Collins, CO, USA. The sport management program in the following area is accredited by COSMA: Bachelor of Science in Sport Management & Biblical Studies.

View LBC’s COSMA Student Learning Outcome Matrix (pdf)


Sport Management (120 Credits)

Sport Management Core:36 Credits
Biblical Studies Core:18 Credits
Arts & Sciences Core:42 Credits
General Electives:24 Credits


Course Requirements (15 credits)
  • SPM 105 Intro to Sport Management (3)
  • SOC 412 Sociology of Sport (3)
  • SPM 325 Fundamentals of Coaching (3)
  • SOC 305 Sport Psychology (3)
  • The fifth class is any other SPM course offered by the department

Careers and Jobs in Sport Management

  • College Coach
  • Athletic Director
  • League Manager
  • Staff for Professional Sports Team
  • Sports Coach
  • Sports Administration

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