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Accelerated Undergraduate Degrees (AUD) at Lancaster Bible College are designed for adults like you who want to complete their college education, but need to find the time in their busy schedules. With these programs, you can return to college and receive a biblically based, Christ-centered education in a fast-paced program.

Academic Degree Programs

Earn Your Degree Fast with a Flexible Schedule

You might only need to complete 10 courses through our program to finish your bachelor's degree. Full-time students taking 4 courses each six-month term can usually complete their degree in just 15 months. But some students have finished their 10 courses in just 8 months or less. Part-time students might opt to finish their degree over two years of study.

Whatever you decide, we are committed to customizing a schedule for you that offers the greatest flexibility and shortest time to finishing your degree or certificate – at the pace you select.

  • On-Campus classes
  • Students taking on-campus courses come once a week for five weeks per course. Our courses meet on Tuesday nights from 6 to 10 PM.
  • Online classes
    Students taking online courses are not required to come to campus for any class time. Instead, they engage in collaborative learning through eCampus, our online education system.

We offer a bachelor’s degree, minors, and certificate options.

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What is Life Experience Credit?

Life experience credit is college credit a student can earn based on prior learning through their life experience. A student can earn up to 30 tuition free credits through our Credit for Prior Learning evaluation process for which there is a 1-time evaluation fee of $175 and a $75/credit transcription fee.

Prior learning credit must:

  • Be documented learning, not just experience or exposure
  • Be college-level learning
  • Not have resulted in college credit previously

External documentation must be provided to verify the life experience. This could be in the form of copies of certificates, letters of accommodation, or emails directly to us from others who can verify what the student has completed, etc.

Discussing potential credit for prior learning with a program staff member is an important step as you begin your studies with us. The purpose of the discussion is to give an estimate of the number of hours you might earn from prior learning experiences. There is a worksheet that will guide you in recalling and documenting learning experiences and will serve a guide for the discussion. This should be completed only after discussing your situation with a program staff member.

FAQs about Accelerated

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What is Accelerated Undergraduate Degrees?

Accelerated Undergraduate Degrees are the delivery method option we offer for adult learners seeking a bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree, certificates, minors, or professional development (piece-meal courses for college credit).

What does “accelerated” mean?

Each course or module is six or seven weeks in length, but includes the same material as the normal 15 week semester. This means that the program is fast paced and requires more time in study each week. Most students take one course at a time.

How much time will I need to spend in studies each week, and what type of work will I be doing?

Each week you should plan on 10-15 hours of study, academic work or attending class. If you are in a classroom, there are four hours in class, and then outside class preparation and assignments. If you are totally online, the entire work is done on your own schedule, but the total is still the same. The work will include reading, discussions, writing, and of course, thinking and reflecting on what you are learning. Your pace will determine how many hours you will need to spend.

What courses will I take?

It varies from student to student, depending upon which courses you are transferring into the program. If you have few or no Bible credits to transfer in, then most of your program will be Bible, theology, and foundational courses. If you previously attended a Bible college or Christian university, then there are some arts and sciences available for you to take instead of the Bible courses you have already taken. Exactly which courses you will need will be determined after we have examined your transcripts. For a full list of course descriptions, see the Accelerated Undergraduate Degrees Catalog.

Is the degree accredited?

Lancaster Bible College is nationally and regionally accredited.  We are regionally accredited with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), as well as nationally with the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). The Bachelor of Science degree in Bible that you receive through the DC is the same as that awarded to graduates in traditional programs.

How much will it cost?

Please view our Financial Aid section for the latest information concerning tuition and fees.

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