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Scholarships for Accelerated Undergraduate Degrees Students

Church Matching Scholarship

Students must complete the Church Matching Scholarship Application. LBC will provide a matching scholarship up to $500 for each the fall and spring terms.  Funds from the church must be submitted by August 1 (for fall term) and January 5 (for spring term) in order to be matched. Students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA, be enrolled full-time and be in good standing with the college. Note: Students who receive the Project Bridges Scholarship are not eligible for the Church Matching Scholarship.

Full-Time Christian Worker Scholarship

The student must be a full-time Christian worker with a minimum of two years in ministry prior to studies at LBC, plus have current full-time ministry employment. A FAFSA is required as well as a Full-Time Christian Ministry Verification Sheet. The scholarship amount ranges from $100–$250 per course depending on EFC.

Project Bridges Scholarship

This is a 25% tuition discount offered to students whose church is a member of Project Bridges. Complete the required application (pdf). Deadline is August 1.

Other Outside Resources

Veterans Benefits

Available to veterans of the Armed Forces or National Guard Reservists. Apply through your local VA office. Amounts vary. VA phone: 888.442.4551

Vocational Rehabilitation

For physically or mentally challenged students. Apply at your local vocational rehabilitation office. Pennsylvania residents: OVR phone: 800.762.6306

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