Josh Beers shares his thoughts on the Christmas story on today's advent devotional.


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Advent Devotional: The Gifts of the Cast

December 23, 2016


The gift of Jesus is the center of the Christmas story, yet the worship of the supporting cast reflects how we too can play a supporting part in God’s amazing love story. What I give to God reflects my worship of Him, and it is my worship of God that determines how I live for Him. These three examples of true worship reflect whether I am really giving to God the worship due to His name.

Mary Gave of Herself - Luke 1:35-38, 46-55.
Mary’s response to the news that she was going to bear the Christ child was “behold the maidservant of the Lord” The Greek word is the feminine of doulos- “servant”. Mary’s response was that she was completely at God’s disposal. God was the Master, and she was the servant. As Christians, we need to remind ourselves that we “are not our own we have been bought with a price.” I must willingly give of myself as a person to be a true worshipper of God.

The Wise Men Gave Their Possessions - Matthew 2:1-11.
When they finally arrived at Bethlehem, they presented their gifts as they worshiped the baby Jesus. Their giving of gifts reflected their worship. Worshiping God always results in giving of what I have and not just what I have, but the best of what I have. True recognition of Christ in our life will always cause us to give Him our best.

The Shepherds Gave the Good News of a Savior - Luke 2:8-18.
Not only I am to give of myself and of my possessions, I am also to give of what Christ has given  - specifically distributing his free gift of salvation. Luke 2:17: “when they saw the child, they made widely known the saying”. Do my neighbors, friends, employees, and co-workers, people I run into in life, know about the God I claim to worship? The first impulse of the shepherds was to proclaim, and the first imperative for us as Christians is to proclaim that same truth.

This is all about a great God who is worthy of our worship, our lives, our possessions, and most of all, our proclamation of what He has given freely through His Son Jesus’ birth and eventual death on a cross to pay the penalty for my sins.

As you prepare the gifts for Christmas, consider what gift(s) you will offer to Jesus in your worship. Which of these three is the difficult one for you to give? Which is the easiest? Add one of each to your Christmas list.

Great God in Heaven, you gave your Son, and I so often, am unwilling to give myself as Mary did. As I prepare my gifts for Christmas, help me to find ways to give myself. Show me the way to become your servant as a true worshipper. Amen

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