The 6 Best Things About In-Class Adult Education on the Lancaster Campus

by LBC Marketing

May 19, 2021

With so many options along the journey of getting a degree from Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School, it might be hard to decide which is the best choice for each student. Many have excelled in LBC | Capital’s in-class Adult Education program on the Lancaster campus—and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Adult learners take on-campus classes just one night a week—usually on Tuesday evenings—and classes are a very manageable six weeks long. Some students transfer credits from other institutions of higher learning, while others can get life experience credits. This “head start,” coupled with an accelerated class schedule, puts students on the fast track to getting the degree they always wanted—much faster than they thought possible.

Here’s what our students say are the 6 best things about studying on campus in LBC | Capital’s Adult Education program:

1. Interaction & Engagement

This is one of the favorite aspects for Ruth Reyes-Vega, a Criminal Justice/Biblical Studies major working toward graduation in December 2021.

“The interaction with peers makes the experience so much richer,” Ruth says. “Getting a biblical worldview on things while getting to know the worldview of my peers has both challenged and stretched me in the best way ever. In-person interaction made it much easier to achieve that.”

2. Deep & Diverse Discussions

Bob Herr (’22) looks forward to weekly discussions in his classes as a Biblical Studies major. Students like Bob share that challenging topics make them think about issues they may have never considered.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my on-campus classes throughout my educational journey at LBC,” Bob says. “It has been a privilege to discuss topics from many different perspectives, as adult learners have had many diverse life experiences. This wealth of opinions along with friendships created are the primary reasons that I look forward to in-person classes.”

3. Small Classes = Access to Professors

Business Administration major Edwin Rosario (’21) appreciates the small classes so he and his classmates can enjoy greater interaction with professors, which in turn, allows for a better understanding of the course materials, he says.

4. Spiritual Growth

Learning how to look at every issue through the lens of a biblical worldview, coupled with having biblically integrated curriculum in every course, helps students strengthen their belief system and grow in their faith.

5. Students Just Like You

While progressing through their classes, students learn, study and fellowship with peers who share many commonalities. They are working, raising families, serving in their churches and communities and perhaps even stepping into caretaker roles. These shared experiences help students bond with their classmates and create lifelong friendships.

6. Networking While Working Toward a Degree

Of course, the ultimate goal of LBC | Capital’s adult learners is earning the degree they always wanted. Along that journey, networking, mentorship experiences and making contacts and partnerships are added bonuses. The relationships formed while studying at LBC | Capital continue to benefit students many years after the diploma is hung on the wall.

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