A first in the college's history - the Chargers were awarded the President's Cup by NEAC.


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Chargers Win NEAC Presidents' Cup

July 24, 2017

The North Eastern Athletic Conference announced its annual President Cup winner on Thursday. For the first time in school history, Lancaster Bible College was named the top school in the conference for the 2016-17 academic year. In addition to the President's Cup, which encompasses four sub-cups, (Athletic Performance, Community Service, Academic Success and Sportsmanship) the Chargers also won the Direct Reports' Cup for Sportsmanship and the Faculty Athletic Representatives' Cup for Academic Success.

This marks the third straight year Lancaster Bible has won the Direct Reports' Cup for Sportsmanship and the first time the Chargers have won the Faculty Athletic Representatives' Cup for Academic Success.

The President's Cup winner is determined by combining the place finishes for each school in each sub-cup, with the lowest score being the best. The Chargers finished with 13 points, as they finished fifth in the Athletic Directors' Cup for Athletic Performance and sixth in the Senior Women's Administrators' Cup for Community Service.

Morrisville State won the Senior Women's Administrators' Cup, while Penn St. Abington won the Athletic Directors' Cup.

President of Lancaster Bible College, Peter W. Teague, congratulated both the LBC Athletic Department and its student-athletes upon hearing the news. "Athletics is one of the lynchpins of a robust collegiate experience and key contributor to student morale," said Teague. "To be awarded the Presidents' Cup by our peer NEAC institutions is a deep honor that stands on the shoulders of our remarkable Athletic Director Peter Beers and the strong team he has assembled around him as they work every day to assure that our students' journey is consistently and persistently our focus."

Lancaster Bible College senior vice president of student experience Josh Beers echoed Dr. Teague's sentiments. "The Presidents' Cup represents the true value of athletics in higher education, so to be recognized for our efforts in the classroom, in competition, and in our community is truly an honor for Lancaster Bible College," Beers said. "We are grateful to our athletic department and each coach and student-athlete whose sacrificial investment made this a reality. We look forward to striving to continue to make athletics at Lancaster Bible an integral part of the overall student experience."

LBC Director of Athletics Pete Beers said the Chargers will cherish the honor of winning the Presidents' Cup and continue to strive to get better. "This award is something we aspire to win each season, but it is never expected," Beers said. This is an encouragement and we are proud, but we still have lots of room to grow in all four areas the President's Cup represents. We are humbled and blessed by this recognition. We have so many good student-athletes on this campus and this is a product of their hard work."

Beers was also quite pleased with the Chargers winning the Direct Reports' Cup for sportsmanship for the third straight year. "One of department pillars is respect and earning the Direct Reports' Cup for sportsmanship is something we strive to do every season," Beers said. "This award shows how our student-athletes treat the game, their opponents and the officials. This award is a culmination of our student-athletes recognizing how important of a pillar respect is."

Earning the Faculty Athletic Representatives' Cup was also important to Beers, as it shows the commitment Lancaster Bible student-athletes have to their studies, as well as their sport. "I think it speaks volumes to the emphasis we put on our student-athletes being students first and athletes second," Beers said. "We have faculty who are supportive, we have a great Ally Center for Academics who are helpful and credit also needs to go to Assistant Athletic Director Sarah Dillon who helps and guides our student-athletes so much throughout the year."

Beers said all of the honors simply reflect how one area cannot be responsible for a student-athlete's success and these awards are an indicator of that premise. "Our overall student-athlete experience encompasses all areas of our campus and this award proves that. The development of our student-athletes, both in and out of the classroom, will catapult them to success after they leave Lancaster Bible College."

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