Getting Creative—New Art & Writing Groups Take Shape

by LBC Marketing

March 17, 2021

Posted: March 17, 2021

Getting Creative—New Art & Writing Groups Take Shape

by LBC Marketing

Students at LBC | Capital’s Lancaster campus are getting a chance to stretch their creativity muscles this spring, as two new groups focusing on art and creative writing are taking shape.

First, The Creatives, the new art club on campus, was started by Communication major Joshua Kinyanjui (’22) after encouragement by a staff member to spearhead the group. Kinyanjui enjoys photography, film and poetry, and previously painted too, as time allowed.

“Art is a form of soul bearing,” Kinyanjui says. “God CREATED man in His image. We may not all look the same on the outside, but I firmly believe that the need for God is reflected in all of our souls. In that need being fulfilled by Him, we can create to His glory.”

Kinyanjui sees The Creatives as having benefits for all majors and interests because art enables students to explore new ways of expression.

“Art allows for vulnerability and inspiration to collide in a captivating medium,” he adds. “It’s therapeutic and can allow their brain to relax as it activates its more creative side. Art also connects us.”

Thus far, The Creatives group has hosted two socially distanced Painting Nights on Feb. 12 and March 8—the second of which had a Bob Ross theme that introduced new techniques.

Student studying at an outdoor cafe table. Besides delving into art, a second group fosters creativity through writing.

The Creative Writer’s Group was initiated in March and meets each Friday afternoon. Staff members Shanika Churchville and Sitawa Wufala facilitate the group that stresses a “judgment-free zone.”

“We started The Creative Writer’s Group to provide a safe and hospitable place for students to express themselves in writing,” says Churchville, who serves as Coordinator of Writing Services at LBC | Capital’s Ally Center on the Lancaster campus. “I wanted to reframe the act of writing from one of stress and assessment to one of enjoyment and freedom. I also wanted to introduce to students a different facet of the Writing Center; it is a place for creative expression in community, not just a place to go to get help with papers.

“Creative writing,” she continues, “especially in a context without judgment or evaluation, can be a way to slow down, to listen to ourselves and to others, to reflect on experiences and ideas, and to imagine. During a season when many students are feeling disconnected, overwhelmed or anxious, I hope this group can offer students a space to connect, to unwind, and to be at peace.”

“Rules” within the Creative Writer’s Group communicate that it is place to…

  • Slow down
  • Listen—to God, to our souls, to the texts, to each other
  • Write without judgment or assessment
  • Ask for feedback if we feel comfortable
  • Give feedback, if asked, that is helpful and specific
  • Speak and receive in a spirit of grace
  • Refrain from dismissing or disparaging ourselves or each other
  • Refrain from gossip either inside or outside this space

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