How Our Philadelphia Location Helped One Student Jumpstart Her Career

by LBC Marketing

October 9, 2017

Posted in: Alumni, Philadelphia

For Desiree “Dezzie” Neal (’16), a native of Philadelphia and graduate of LBC | Capital – Philadelphia, getting a college degree was always a part of the plan. But sometimes our plans don’t go – well, according to plan. Early on in her college career, Neal’s mother became bedridden. She dropped out of college to help pay the bills. “I felt like I needed to join the workforce immediately to help provide,” she said.

The obstacles between Neal and completing her education just kept multiplying.  She found herself stuck at a job with no room for upward mobility, and her own daughter would soon graduate from college. She decided it was time to do something about it. “I was determined to no longer allow [these circumstances] to hinder [me],” she explained. “So I decided to enroll at LBC | Capital – Philadelphia.” She explained, “I wanted to be an example to my daughter. I knew she would be graduating soon and I didn’t want to hold her to a standard I didn’t uphold.”

So Neal enrolled. And according to her, it made all the difference. “LBC | Capital – Philadelphia challenged me to [integrate] the theory of the Bible into to my practical behaviors and understanding of it,” she explained. “I was challenged to prove what I believed and truly understand why I believed what I did for so long and if it was tradition or truth.” She went on to explain that her studies in human services have helped her to see her career as a radio personality at Praise Philly as a ministry. “As a human service provider and media correspondent,” said Neal, “it has given me a framework of how to incorporate the teachings, promises and love of Jesus into my daily work and interaction with all whom I encounter.”

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