How This LBC | Capital Grad Ended Up on a D1 Basketball Team

by LBC Marketing

May 29, 2020

Posted: May 29, 2020

How This LBC | Capital Grad Ended Up on a D1 Basketball Team

by LBC Marketing

Adam Surguine (’10) has gone on to do big things since he graduated from LBC | Capital in 2010. This Laurel, Md., native and sport management major is now the video coordinator for the women’s basketball team at Florida State University. But how did he end up there?

While Surguine was a student at LBC | Capital, he was also a member of the men’s basketball team. He said the coaches he had here, along with many others, shaped him into the person—and coach—he is today. “There have been many coaches along the way that have been really impactful throughout this journey,” he said. “The (former) director of athletics, Pete Beers, was my coach in college and actually offered me my first full-time job.”

After he graduated, Surguine accepted the full-time position that Beers offered him at LBC | Capital in the athletic department, and stayed there from 2010 to 2014. “While being an assistant coach with the women’s basketball team, I also held various roles in the athletic department,” he explained. It was then Surguine confirmed his passion: basketball.

Surguine then went on to join the staff at Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmittsburg, Md., from 2014 to 2015. From there, he went on to Campbell University in Buies Creek, N.C., from 2015 to 2019, and finally, he arrived at Florida State University.

Now, his days are filled to the brim, balancing his intense role at Florida State along with his responsibilities as a husband and a father. “During the season, there are basically two different types of days: practice days and game days,” said Surguine. Both are equally busy as the top 25th-ranked Seminoles compete for the top of the ACC.

“Each day tends to look a little different as there aren’t many typical days,” he added. “Practice days involve a lot of game preparation, meetings, practices, and film sessions. Game days are both busy and exciting, starting from the team breakfast in the morning, to shootaround, to film, to pregame warm-ups, to the actual game. I love every bit of it, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

He also noted that the education he received at LBC | Capital was formative to his career. “LBC | Capital prepared me very well for this career,” said Surguine. “I was able to get hands-on coaching experience while I was still in school and received a great education that developed me for this career. There were a multitude of classes that also refined me for different areas of this profession.”

While life is certainly busy for Surguine now, he says he’s grateful for the mentors in life that helped him to achieve his goals. “Countless people at LBC | Capital and in the athletic department encouraged me and gave me opportunities when I did not deserve them,” he said, “They helped me chase my dream.”

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