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How to Survive Finals Week

November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving break is over and Christmas break is just around the corner, but one final obstacle stands in the way of Lancaster Bible College students and vacation: finals week.

Of course, finals week is a time to prove that the hard work you’ve put into your classes, papers and studying has paid off, but for some, it can cause serious stress. That’s why we talked to our students to see how they handle the stress and asked them to share with us their best study tips. Who knows? Maybe you'll learn a thing or two  to help that will help you study smarter.

1. How do you plan on surviving finals week?

Paulina Rodriguez (Freshman, Social Work): I feel like it’s going to be [by spending] a lot of time in the library. Or studying like a week before, like a little bit each day so your brain can absorb the material of each exam.

Tyler Baughman (Sophomore, Business Administration): I stay up really late  . . . and drink a lot of coffee to be able to stay awake.

Gloria Steinhauer (Freshman, Communication): I plan on surviving finals week by drinking a lot of coffee and studying a lot ahead of time  - and not at the last minute.

Caitlin Rizzo (Junior, Early Childhood Education): Lots of coffee, shutting my Netflix off, and lots of studying. Lots and lots of studying. I [also] take little shopping breaks. When I get super stressed out, I go to the mall and take a little shopping break – or I go home and play with my cat, and then I go back to studying.

Jalaysha Bright (Sophomore, Business Administration): Definitely setting a me-first schedule. So, making sure I get enough sleep, making sure school work comes first over friends and hanging out, and setting goals the day before they’re due. So really staying on top of things. Here at school, it can be tempting to try and balance fifty parts school and fifty parts people, but [during] finals week, people won’t see me. I’ll be sleeping, eating right and studying.

 2. What’s your best study tip?

Paulina Rodriguez (Freshman, Social Work): What I do is that I read it [the material] over and over and try to understand the things I haven’t understood yet.

Tyler Baughman (Sophomore, Business Administration): Write everything down that’s going to be on your final on a giant white board and then study it in sections.

Gloria Steinhauer (Freshman, Communication): The best study tip would be [to use] flash cards. I do really well with flash cards and memorizing things by putting a little song to them.

Caitlin Rizzo (Junior, Early Childhood Education): Turn off all devices and get down to it.

Jalaysha Bright (Sophomore, Business Administration): Try to go somewhere new that you haven’t been before to study. But also make sure that you don’t go with friends who you have the tendency to talk a lot. I’ve also found it helpful to pick someone else with a different major just because as they are with you, you can kind of teach it back to them. It just helps you process things better when you’re able to teach it back to them like you were teaching it the first time.

If these study tips aren’t enough to help you power through your exams, never fear, students: stay tuned for some stress relieving surprises from our student services team during finals week!

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