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Introducing New Criminal Justice Program

April 6, 2017

It’s a new era for LBC. The college is growing and changing all the time, and this fall, the Arts & Sciences department will offer a new major: criminal justice. The exciting new program, headed up by John Churchville, a Philadelphia native who has lived in Lancaster for the past 12 years, will teach students the importance of advocacy, law and justice in the name of Christ.

The program, which primarily focuses on the ins and outs of American legal systems – including police, courts and corrections – connects criminal justice to a biblical worldview. Students will also have the opportunity to pursue internship opportunities in the field, giving them a chance to put their skills to the test outside of classroom. The program will be available through LBC's traditional undergraduate and accelerated undergraduate degree programs, with the option earn the degree completely online through the accelerated program.  

“I have worked as a prosecutor and a defense attorney in both the public and the private sectors. I have worked as an attorney representing the county, and I have worked as an attorney representing the poorest of the poor." said Churchville, "From these experiences, I have seen the huge overlap of poverty on literally every aspect of the criminal justice system. Our current system needs those who will be salt and light to bring justice and to deeply love people.”

Though working in the field can be tough, Churchville urges us to take hope. “The most challenging part is dealing with the very tangible effects of sin - all of us involved, from victims of crime to police who respond to 911 calls; from social workers and therapists and drug and alcohol counselors and advocates; from prosecutors to defense attorneys to judges to prison guards and probation officers - we all see the very worst of humanity in the day-to-day cases we encounter. We get weary, burned out and can become jaded and cynical,” he explained. “When I am pained or even sickened by the depth of depravity and callousness among those committing crimes, I recall Bryan Stevenson's musing that all of us are more than solely the worst thing we have ever done - we are all redeemable!”

To find out more about studying criminal justice at Lancaster Bible College, click here.

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