TraveLearn Tours and Journey Team Trips Introduce Students to the World

by LBC Marketing

December 12, 2022

Lancaster Bible College’s many travel experiences help students shape their worldview by experiencing the world. As students broaden their horizons, they deepen their relationship with God through study abroad options. Travel opportunities give students the chance to visit new places, experience other cultures and expand their education. Usually offered annually, trips or tours are short-term opportunities with long-term impact that also enrich student learning through experiences that make the Scriptures come to life. Below are the exciting LBC trips planned for 2023.

TraveLearn Tours

Offered annually, usually during summer sessions, LBC’s TraveLearn Tours often focus on countries where history is unfolded in the pages of biblical Scripture. Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Greece are some regular destination in years past, but trips are not limited to these locations.

During TraveLearn trips, students travel with experienced and knowledgeable professors who bring customs and culture to life as sites are explored, explained and even excavated in light of their significance to God’s grand narrative.

Great Britain

LBC Sport Management students will have the opportunity to study abroad through a TraveLearn trip to Great Britain on May 6-17. Students will earn college credit as they fulfill this cross-cultural experience. Highlights include: Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, an Olympic Park stadium tour, Westminster Abbey, Wimbledon, a city bike tour, Edinburgh castle, a Dublin bike tour, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, hurling, Gaelic football and more.

Oxford, England

A second upcoming TraveLearn trip to Oxford, England, from July 3-25 is a once-in-a-lifetime global learning opportunity for LBC | Capital students of all majors. Students can earn up to 9 credits and choose an array of learning options. Classes such as literature, history, education, world affairs, creative writing and more include a one-on-one tutorial with an Oxford Don. “This trip will change the ways you think and learn as you discover the history, literature and culture of England through exploration and inquiry at the oldest English university in the world,” shared Dr. Timothy Shea, one of the education professors leading the trip.

Learning through the New College at Oxford will be hands-on and provide students the freedom to explore London, Windsor, Stratford-upon-Avon and even sites like C. S. Lewis’ home. Learning will take place in the ancient spaces of New College, Oxford University as well as in museums, cafes, pubs, parks and a range of historic venues throughout the region. Participants in this program will live in Oxford with dozens of other college students from around the United States.

Journey Team Trips

Each year, LBC Journey Teams travel to the furthest corners of the world to live out the gospel message by bringing hope to the hopeless. Whether working at an orphanage in Haiti, helping to build a church in Jamaica, teaching English in Germany, doing sports camps in the Philippines or being involved in street evangelism in Thailand, the service of these teams leave a lasting impact on the places they visit and the people they meet—not to mention on the lives of the individual team members. Trips are planned throughout the year and are open to all LBC student to participate.

Journey Teams need two things to be successful—those who go and those who give. Even those who do not physically attend a trip can still play an important role by supporting a team member. Each individual on a team needs to raise the designated amount for their trip; for some students, that can be difficult. By coming alongside them with your gift, you are partnering with their team. Learn more about giving to a Journey Team trip here.


The LBC Chorale will embark on a Journey Team trip March 1-13, as students will lead church services, present three concerts and interact with locals.


A Southwest Journey Team will travel to New Mexico on May 6-14 to serve God in ministry to the Navajo and Zuni reservations as students partner with various mission organizations and churches.  Some of the activities include gaining an awareness of the physical and spiritual needs of Native Americans, feeding the homeless, preparing a camp for the summer and working in Christian schools.

South Africa

The South Africa Journey Team will travel May 19-June 4 to assist at a small Christian Boarding school: teaching, helping with meals and working toward project completions.

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