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Journey Teams: Netherlands (1)

May 22, 2017

What a crazy 36 hours or so it has been for the 17 of us as we traveled half-way across the world. We are already captivated by the Netherlands and are completely humbled at the wonderful welcome that we have received from those working at the camp. We sit amazed at all God has done - and it only has been two days!

We began our journey with a first - we were the first Journey Team able to ride in LBC's new charter bus to the airport. What a gift to have comfort for the first part of our journey. For the second leg, our flight could not have been smoother. From the candy when we walked on the plane, to the delicious food (yes I just said that about airplane food), to a surprise breakfast mini-meal, to leaving the Amsterdam airport - I don't know if I've ever seen a flight and airport experience go more smoothly. 

Two train rides and a van ride later we walked onto the grounds of De Herikom. If you are a nature person - you would be a little jealous. It is absolutely gorgeous here and the people are even more amazing. We had a warm welcome, complete with gifts, warm smiles and AMAZING food.

Even though we had already been up for around 18 hours, upon arrival we kept busy in hopes of overcoming the jet lag quickly. In our first day we unpacked, learned about the camp, did some preparation for our work day, rode our bikes for the first time, and even played a game of ultimate Frisbee.

As I write this, many are already in bed and others CANNOT wait to get there. Please pray for rest - in body and spirit. We've been up for over 30 hours at this point and are in deep need for God to rejuvenate us for the days of ministry ahead. We're grateful for your prayers and support!

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