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Journey Teams: Netherlands (5)

May 26, 2017

Beste vrienden,

We woke up bright and early today! Our team was headed to the city of Ede for a full day of ministry serving refugees. We served with a Christian organization called Dien je Stad Ede. They desire to network and be a blessing, both practically and by sharing the gospel. What an amazing opportunity to connect on such a deep level with our brothers and sister in Christ that are doing such an important work! Their passion was contagious to our entire team.

Dien je Stad connected us with a refugee center nearby that seeks to give long-term help to male refugee minors who are without any parental support. As we started a game of ultimate frisbee and soccer, no one showed up. However, a little later God brought several young men and neighborhood children. It was great to connect with the refugees through sports and made some new friends! Some of these refugees who we interacted with were Eastern Orthodox, while others were Christians that fled persecution from Eritrea.

One of our team members was able to share the gospel with one of these young men who was filled with questions. He challenged the young man to search for answers in God’s word. A fellow believer in Christ was filled with gratitude simply by our presence there. As we prayed together as a team this evening, we realized how God has blessed us, our ministry, the missionaries here and the work we are doing in ways that are far beyond what we have seen as possible. As God brings us and our Journey Team to your mind, would you pray with us that:

  • God will continue to bless us with unity both in our team and in the staff serving at De Herikon
  • We would be granted boldness to engage with the people we will meet in Haarlem
  • We would be encouraged in our spiritual walk with Christ as we visit the Corrie Ten Boom huis tomorrow
  • For an eager ear to listen to God’s guidance, especially those prayerfully considering what their roles in missions might be
  • For an eye to find God’s blessings, both big and small, and a mind that is eager to retain them

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