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Journey Teams: South Africa (2)

June 2, 2017

The week here is coming to an end and the team seems to be very exhausted. Some of us have been dealing with illness, some of us have just dealt with the things that come with being tired. All of us have been working hard teaching, and helping to set up VBS for the students. Being able to go to a safari, and the Carnivore (an African restaurant focusing primarily on the less ordinary African foods) over the weekend was a nice little break, but many of us are still tired. Even so, we are all coming away touched and encouraged, as we have also been able to encourage the school.

The education students have been able to learn a lot about the education in South Africa, and the social work students have been able to learn about counseling in South Africa. All of us have had our hands in the classrooms, helping the teachers teach, or being able to teach ourselves. All of the teachers at the Aurora school have thanked us for helping in their classroom. The team has done everything from grading, organizing, taking inventory, creating charts for the teachers to use, and teaching.

We have also been blessed to be able to interact with the students, and to shine the light in their lives. Some of us have learned how dark the student's lives are, and how much the devil has come into their daily lives. Therefore, we have been able as a team to shine God's light into these students lives, and to show God's love.  Through this, we have been able to interact with them, and just to love on them. We were told not to feel sorry for them, and indeed we don't. Instead, we are helping them work on developing a better life, and becoming better students. Overall, this has been a blessed time for us. Yes we are tired, but we know that we have been a great help to the students, and to the teachers, and to the staff. And all of us have gotten closer to God, and have learned about Him, and become closer to Him. It has been a blessed two weeks in Johannesburg, South Africa

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