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LBC Offers Online Degrees for Adult Learners

October 31, 2016


In an increasingly digital world, Lancaster Bible College is rising to meet the needs of 21st century students by offering several degree programs completely online.

“We've actually offered online programs for several years,” said Sherri Colton, the director of student experience for LBC’s accelerated undergraduate degrees program and a graduate of the college. “But it’s exciting to see our online offerings continue to expand. Who knows what we’ll add next!”

Currently, Lancaster Bible College offers four online degrees and two online certificate programs through the accelerated undergraduate degrees program. They are:

Students opting to earn their degrees online take courses using Schoology, an online learning platform, where they go to class (in the digital sense), take quizzes and tests, submit assignments and even communicate with professors and classmates. “Having the option to complete your entire degree completely online is a game-changer for many of our students.” said Colton. “Without our online degree program options at Lancaster Bible College, some of our students wouldn’t be able to earn their degrees. It’s such a blessing to help make that possible for them.”

LBC’s accelerated undergraduate degrees program allows busy adults to continue working full-time, raise a family, or keep up with any other myriad of responsibility they might have - all while earning their degree. Outside of the four degrees offered online, the accelerated program also offers several other blended format degree programs that combines flexible, on-campus course schedules (including night and evening classes) with online classes. And of course, LBC’s signature, Bible-focused education is at the center of every program at the college.

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