LBC Announces New Master’s Concentrations

by LBC Marketing

May 22, 2018

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Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School is pleased to announce the addition of three new concentrations to its Master of Arts in Biblical Studies program: Christian Apologetics, Bible Exposition and Cultural Engagement at both our Lancaster campus and Greenbelt, Maryland location. Read a brief summary of each of the concentrations below.

Christian Apologetics: God’s people are called to love him with all their minds, in addition to their hearts and strength. With the increasing pluralism and antagonism to Christianity, believers must be prepared to give a defense for their hope. This concentration prepares students to think critically about the various religious and non-religious belief systems that challenge the truth of Christianity. It equips them to effectively engage any person or thought-system with the truth of the Christian faith. This is a benefit to the church and the cause of Christ as a whole.

Bible Exposition: This particular concentration is designed to prepare the Christian minister to both interpret the Word accurately and communicate the Word relevantly. While heavier weight is given to the interpretive journey in the concentration, ample time is given to the communicative journey. This concentration effectively equips pastors, elders, lay teachers, youth leaders, and para-church leaders who desire to sharpen their skills for expository communication of the scriptures.

Cultural Engagement: Graduates of this program will develop a theology of culture and be equipped to apply that theology to church and personal ministry that reaches into their community. This program will be helpful any vocation or ministry where engagement with culture is important. In addition to training in biblical and theological studies, this degree program equips individuals to engage the diverse worldviews that are encountered in the contemporary world. It also enables them to provide support to Christians in their diverse vocations outside the church context. Finally, it helps individuals understand the various cultural trends and issues that shape our secular and religious worlds and to respond to those issues with biblical and theological wisdom. The goal is to create leaders who can impact and transform both the church and society.

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