LBC | Capital Hosts Free
Live-Streaming Workshop for Churches

by Social Media

June 9, 2020

Over the past several months, churches around the world have had to quickly adapt to new ways of gathering for worship, preaching, teaching, prayer and fellowship. Many were thrust into the digital world as they learned how to “do church” online.

On June 10, LBC | Capital welcomed experts from LCBC Church and Victory Church in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, for a free live-streaming workshop for churches and ministries.

Ryan Geesaman, Chair of the Communication & Media Arts Department at LBC | Capital, presented the hour-long workshop highlighting best practices, areas for improvement, and questions to ask and answer while planning for the future.

View a recording of the workshop here…

“Many churches and ministries were forced to quickly start or renew their focus on live-streaming capabilities in March,” Geesaman said. “In many cases, this meant patching together existing resources in ways they were never intended to be used, as well as trial by fire. Here at LBC | Capital, we were inundated with technical questions from churches early on, and as states begin to ease restrictions, the question becomes, ‘What now?’ There was a clear reason to start live-streaming the spring, but perhaps the reasons to continue after reopening are less clear. Answering this question involves mission, vision and stewardship.”

Geesaman added that questions began in earnest over Spring Break, when at-home LBC | Capital students suddenly became the live-streaming experts at their churches. Geesaman worked with Dr. Michael Freeman, director of the communication major, on a resource for ministries that found themselves in unfamiliar territory.

“In talking with production technicians from large churches in the area—Victory Church and LCBC Church—I discovered they were also receiving inquiries from ministries being forced to quickly innovate and start live-streaming,” Geesaman said. “This group of experts was in agreement that a workshop to talk through the technology and techniques would be beneficial. But more importantly, we feel it’s important to start the conversation about ‘why?’ Right now, the ‘why’ is COVID-19. But what’s the ‘why’ a year from now? Answering that question is important to determine how to approach and invest in live-streaming.”

Join us for this free workshop and help your church to determine how to approach and invest in live-streaming now and beyond COVID-19.

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