Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School mourns the loss of graduate student Pastor Johnson Enamu.


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LBC | Capital Mourns Loss of Student Johnson Enamu

January 5, 2018


Over the Christmas holiday, one of my students died in a car accident. The day after Christmas, Pastor Johnson Enamu, 44, of Uganda, was traveling with his wife, mother, and a young girl from church. All four passed away in the car accident.

Johnson’s only daughter, Delight, was traveling in a different car. Delight is only 12. Please, please join me in praying for this young girl as she now faces a difficult future.

Pastor Johnson’s departure is felt in many different ways and contexts. He had a passionate faith in God that transformed his life. Johnson passed through a time earlier in life where he believed in Christ, but struggled with understanding how God interacts, communicates with, and leads men and women who follow him. This struggle left Johnson deeply confused and discouraged. Sometime after this he encountered a group that helped him understand the Bible more clearly through an emphasis on sound biblical interpretation and orthodox Bible doctrine. Through this journey God burned within Johnson’s heart a deep passion for biblical truth and correct Bible doctrine. The pursuit of truth and proper biblical interpretation marked his life.

Johnson said that his, “Goals are basically glued to one purpose, ‘more true disciples of Jesus Christ’ in all spheres of influence.” Transformation in Christ was his pastoral vision. Pastor Johnson Enamu was the pastor of Truth Fountain West Cathedral Lira, located in northern Uganda and his ministry influence was wide-ranging. 

One of our current students, Pastor Christopher, is an associate pastor who serves under Johnson. Christopher started the M.A. program one year before Johnson. Johnson started our program this past May. In Africa, I have seen and heard of many cases when older senior pastors are threatened when a younger, subordinate pastor gains more education and understanding. Many insecure older pastors see this as a threat and respond by attacking the young pastor and biblical education in general. Pastor Johnson, however, did not do this. He was secure enough in his ministry to appreciate this and pursue deeper Bible study himself. On a personal note, in my opinion, this speaks volumes of the depth of Johnson’s leadership, character, and personal relationship with Christ. His death is a great loss for Uganda, Africa, and the world.

It troubles and saddens my heart as I reflect upon the man Johnson was. It leaves me wondering, “Why, Lord, would you take him home now? Why would you leave Delight here without her father, mother, and grandmother?”

In Johnson’s passing, I am reminded again that God is infinite and we are finite.  God has his plans, and his plans are not our plans. May we continue to believe, know, and confess that God is sovereign over all creation, and completely good and faithful.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
So are my ways higher than your ways
And my thoughts than your thoughts.”
Isaiah 55:8-9

In a paper Johnson submitted on God’s providence, he wrote, “No matter what happens in the world, God is in control and he is providentially working through all happening to bring his perfect will to be done. This should build courage and faith in us to trust in God and rejoice in all things that we find ourselves engulfed in.”

In the midst of grieving our loss, may we remember that Johnson is not lost but is home at last!

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